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ZF Wind
ZF explains the launch of their modular and scalable gearbox, allowing for scalable wind energy production.
Educating consumers on how to use Eastpak's new TSA approved luggage lock feature.
Le Pain Quotidien.png
The launch of a new client app to collect rewards, order food, pay online, and more as illustrated in under one minute.
Parkle created an app to tackle the parking problem within busy cities by crowdsourcing parking spots.
Xpenditure's cloud based tool helps you manage all your companies business expenses while saving your precious time.
Quality means everything to Lay's! They explain to their consumers how fresh produce like potatoes are sensitive to outside factors.
Coca-Cola’s B2C history at a glance, with their growing portfolio and plans for the future illustrated under two minutes.
Patented and creative design solutions explained to inspire architects, designers and more.
UberEats promotes their new delivery service app for Brussels' inhabitants that are craving something delicious.
Revolutionizing the painting industry, Graco compares old and new ways of working to convince consumers to make the change.
Ey Mediafin wanted to give some simple tips & tricks to attract the right people for your startup.
Deficom Sports Fair invited everyone to discover the worderful world of sports federations to find their next challenge.



Animation Videos

Visualize and simplify your products and services with the help of animation, stop motion, and live animation.


Social Videos

Maximize your social impact by creating short and snackable videos. You can stand out in a sea of content and spread your message to the people who matter most.


Live Videos

Energize and humanize everything from your customer testimonials to your epic events, all with the help of live video.

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