Brand Awareness: Yves Rocher

Founded in 1959, Yves Rocher is a French beauty care expert in botanical cosmetics and facial and body treatments. The company has stores all around the world.

Liza Huyghe

Brand Marketeer

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Goal 🎯

Yves Rocher wanted to create awareness for 3 new concentrated shower gels on the Belgian market. They wanted to make it clear that these shower gels are more environmentally friendly than other alternatives.
YR 1.png
YR 2.png

Challenge 💪

To create a short video that draws attention, sums up the product features and promotes environmental awareness.

Result 🚀

The video had over 52,000 organic views on the Belgian facebook page that has 36,000 followers. In contrast, the physical campaign only reached 5,000 people.
YR 3.png