We are StoryMe.

We are a video production & strategy company with an enthusiastic team of creatives, video strategists and media experts on a mission to make companies Video First. Scroll on to learn all about the why, the how, and the people that make it happen.

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Our vision

our values

Drive Client Success.

What’s the point of having a great video if it doesn’t drive great results? Our success is only defined by your success. That’s why we combine our creative expertise with our performance marketing skills to make sure your video campaigns reach their goals, by showing your message to the right people, at the right time and on all the right channels.

Enable Talent.

A company is only as great as its people! That’s why our core value is to enable talent. Our teams are continuously motivated to improve their skill sets by experimenting with the latest technologies and putting new ideas to the test, which allows them to share learnings with each other and to keep growing.

Creative Solutions.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in video, so every client’s challenge is tackled in its own way, which means we often create new video solutions from scratch, tailored to the company’s needs. Think new formats, out-of-the-box storytelling, the latest animation styles & filming techniques, surprising sound effects… We’re all about finding a creative solution that works.


storyme family

Meet the teams.

From script writers to videographers and sound designers, from marketeers to video strategists and performance experts - they're all part of these StoryMe teams.


The Creatives

Our huge in-house creative team includes videographers, editors, illustrators, animators, sound designers, project managers, script writers & art directors.



This small team of marketeers & media experts creates and implements your video strategy online to reach your goals.



Not your average sales team. These client partners are experts in all things video and will help find a tailored video strategy that works for your business.



StoryMe's handful of managers make sure everything runs smoothly. They love to think outside the box and find new ways to improve the way we work.


Job openings

Join the team.

Excited to embark on a new adventure? We’re looking for ambitious people to join our rock-solid team of Video creatives and strategists.


Senior Motion Designer

Create highly engaging complex animations for a diverse projects and join our 🐧 🐧 🐧 family!


Traffic Manager & Planning Assistant

We're looking for a planner with great organization, communication and people skills! You'll help turn the clients' projects into reality by planning in all the right people and production processes.


Spontaneous Application

If you feel that you can be one of us, send us your resume and explain us why. We're curious to hear more about your added value!

our history

StoryMe through the years.


Where it all began

Lorenzo Bown founded StoryMe to create 1 minute video animations for NGOs. The business model quickly expanded to “simple 1 minute video animations” & the first office was opened in Ghent in 2014.


Live Video & New Office

The first live video team started testing live videos for internal use, and it soon became part of our offering to clients. With a team of 15 video experts, we moved to a new office in the centre of Ghent at the end of the year.


Exciting Growth

StoryMe started booming, and the team grew to 40 people in 3 months, then 75 people 6 months later. We opened offices in London & Sofia and moved to a bigger office in Dok Noord.


Video Strategy

The Video Strategy team was founded, producing mostly internal video strategy content at first, then developing strategic solutions like video plans and workshops for clients.


Video First

StoryMe’s Video Strategy solutions boomed, the strategic team expanded with the first campaign manager to push clients’ video content on social media. Video First Conference became the biggest Video Strategy event in Europe!


Creative + Performance

A new performance team & senior creative director strengthened the team and we opened an extra office in Brussels, which allowed StoryMe to become the biggest all-round creative video + performance agency in Belgium.


New CEO, Sales, HR & Brand

We kick-started the year with a new CEO, senior head of sales & HR manager to better service clients in today's remote work climate. Our repositioning was translated into our new brand identity & website.