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4 Ways to Use Video for Customer Retention


Apr 13, 2021

11 min read

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1. Use video to make your customers feel welcome 💌

The first point of contact once someone becomes a customer is super important! A warm and sincere welcome gives a sense of caring and makes your customer feel appreciated. It's also a way to make your customers feel like they made the right choice. That's where a welcome video comes in! It's not only a fun way to welcome a customer to your community, it can also be used to explain any next steps linked to your product or service.

Again, online video is a full-funnel affair. Companies often forget that their customer still expect valuable content even after the conversion. This welcome video from AirBnb includes tips and tricks about how customers can get real value from their service, adding value from the first minute of a new customer relationship!

Airbnb's welcome video, including tips & tricks for new users.

2. Create a video that answers a frequently asked question 🕵

Your customers will search for detailed information about your product or service, either on your website or via search engines. The best possible response they could get? A clear video answer! A FAQ video answers the most common questions about your product or service before your customers even have to ask. A live how-to video like this example is an excellent tool to help your audience in a human, memorable and enjoyable way.

This how-to-video by BNP Paribas gives customers an easy and quick answer to their problem.

3. Make demonstration and walk-through videos for your customers 📝

The last thing you want is for a customer to get frustrated! Make sure they find their way easily by walking them through the ins and outs of your service. Online video offers the opportunity for companies to provide customers with an innovative and interactive learning experience. If a new customer is learning about a pretty complex application or service, a short video can demonstrate how to use it in no time.

Slack's walkthrough video demonstrates how their app works and showcases its value.

TIP: Make a video with your (support) team to show customers who's there for them if they need help or have questions.

4. Increase customer retention with personalised video 🙋‍♀️

Personalised video increases your customer retention by 35%! Still, most companies aren't yet seizing this golden opportunity because they're in doubt about the pricing or usability of personalised video. This leaves us scratching our heads, because today, brands have more access to data than ever and personalisation is becoming more affordable.

Personalised video can easily be used to give added value or to increase brand affinity (think birthday messages, personal advice,...). Your customers have a need to feel listened to, rather than being treated as just another number of the masses. When a prospect feels like they're being addressed thoughtfully, it helps build a one-to-one connection with your brand. This makes them more loyal in the long run, and isn't that what companies strive for?

Luminus sends hyper-personalised videos like these to update their customers about their energy consumption.

TIP: Send your customers a video to thank them for their brand loyalty. A simple thank you shows your customers you value their efforts and are willing to go the extra mile. It’s the little things.

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