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5 Ways Video Strategy helps tackle your Pharma industry challenges.

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Nov 12, 2020

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There's no doubt that the Pharma industry has its own specific communication challenges. Regulations are a force to be reckoned with, and those who don't comply risk great consequences. At the same time, there's an extremely high need for clear & simple online communication in this industry. Patients and professionals alike educate themselves online, pharmaceutical companies need better ways to show and explain their products, and pharma reps need to connect to healthcare professionals. 🤝 Here's how the right video strategies can help tackle these challenges.

1. Increase Engagement with Patients.

There are plenty of reasons why video is more engaging than text: our brain processes video 60 x faster than text, we remember more of the core message when it's visualized, and people simply prefer to watch a video than read a text!

Medical or pharmaceutical information such as instruction leaflets are THE type of information that you don't want readers to skip. But because of the overload of information patients receive (e.g. instruction leaflets, medical documents, articles, and more); they're often missing out on valuable information. By using the right video communication, your patients will actually process AND remember much more information. On top of that, they'll be way more engaged with you as a professional or with your brand.

2. Use the Available Data to your Advantage.

With GDPR and strict regulations for the pharma industry, it can be hard to see the real potential of data. However, professionals who use data to their advantage quickly see the added value, not just for them, but especially for their customers or patients! Collecting general (not personal) data about your audience through a digital CRM allows you to make your communication more relevant to the viewer. The advantage of video here is that you can tailor and continuously adapt your video content to this data, and on the other hand video campaigns are a lot more trackable too. Think about the things you could learn when using video:

This data allows you to anticipate the content you need to show in the future, delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time and on the right platforms - improving your results in no time!

3. Explain Complex Topics Simply & Accurately.

Very few mediums can portray a complex message as easily as video. For pharmaceutical communication, it's important that your message is accurate, but also simple & memorable enough for viewers to really grasp the right information. In a world where everyone is chasing time, it's now high time for pharma marketers to really make people's lives easier by adapting their complex communication to videos that are super easy to process. What's more, people's understanding of your product or message can become a lot more accurate once they've seen it through video.

4. Reach Out to Health Professionals the Way They Prefer.

Healthcare professionals and physicians are continuously looking to improve their knowledge, and with video your brand has a means of being amongst the search results with highly relevant content. In fact, physicians watch twice as many videos to learn about a new product than they did 5 years ago! So, next time you want to attract health professionals to your pharma brand, think about adapting your strategy to include FAQ videos, product explainers, USP videos or event invitations!

5. Grab your Opportunity to Stand Out & Be Remembered.

The pharma industry has slowly but surely been making their transition to digital marketing, but there's still a lot of room to think outside the box and be disruptive in this industry - time to grab this opportunity with both hands if you haven't done so yet! Because when pharma marketers come up with an exciting and unique video approach, they often end up really leaving their mark and might even finish as an award winning case like this example, shown in Cannes!

Hope this helps you rock your communication in the future! Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Pharma Video experts to get tailored advice for your communication strategy.

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