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A Day in the Life of a Video Strategist at StoryMe

Thomas da Luz

May 23, 2019

11 min read

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Meet Jordan, Video Strategist at StoryMe! Well, you might have already seen her in our videos or webinars 😉, but do you really know what her job entails? To get a look behind the scenes, we asked Jordan to film her day through Instagram Stories and interviewed her about the perks and challenges of her job!

What does a Video Strategist do at StoryMe?

With Video Production, the end result is an mp4 file. With Video Strategy, we'll make sure you're making the right videos to reach your target audience and goals. That's why before creating any videos, the strategy team works on a video plan that actually tackles your challenges. Besides making video plans, Jordan also educates teams in other companies on all things video during workshops and keynotes!

Curious to see what a day in the life of Video Strategist looks like? Let Jordan show you! 🎥

What do you 💛 most about your job?


“The great thing about my job is that I have to rethink the possibilities with video for each individual client. Every company, industry and team has its own challenges and there are different ways to help them with video! This makes my job versatile, and gives me the freedom to test and grow continuously. I'm always on the lookout for new trends and I love surprising people with things they might not have seen before. That's something I get to do all the time during workshops, but also when I'm meeting with clients to discuss their strategy.

Last but not least: I really enjoy the thrill of public speaking. At our last edition of Video First Conference, I took the stage to talk to an audience of 400 professionals about how to combine creative and media to create better videos to implement throughout the funnel.

What's your biggest challenge? 👊

“I always make my content and strategies as tailored as possible, but sometimes the short time frame can make that really challenging. Especially as we do a lot of work in B2B, it can take time to find cases and show inspirational examples that'll resonate within my client's industry.

All my challenges are actually related to that time limitation. The same goes for keeping up with the latest trends in video and in different industries. But I've found some workarounds! To get up to speed with blogs and articles, I use the Feedly app that compiles your favourite content in one app. And by staying really involved in our own projects, I can also keep up with new things in video production."

What would you tell an aspiring Video Strategist? 🚀

"People sometimes think a job like mine is very niche, but actually it's so versatile! In fact, I would even say I'm more of a digital strategist with a focus on video. I really get to think along with the client and their campaigns. As a strategist you also need to be a good mix of a hands-on person who loves interactive work, and someone who's also willing to sit down, dive deep into their work and broaden their knowledge."

In short, Video Strategy is all about educating and helping clients so they can win with video!

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