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What does a Sound Engineer do & why is sound so important?


Jun 03, 2021

9 min read

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Meet Leander, Sound Engineer at StoryMe. In this blog, you'll learn what his day-to-day job entails & why sound is so important!

What does a Sound Engineer do at StoryMe? 🐧

"As a sound engineer at StoryMe, I try to provide our videos with kickass sound - in every way. This means that my job includes doing funny cartoon voices, listening to funky jams and creating elaborate soundscapes, but also pointing my colleagues and our clients towards the right music license or cleaning up noisy dialogue recordings."

Want to see what a day in the life of a Sound Engineer looks like? Let Leander show you! 🎥

What do you 💛  most about your job?


“What I love most about my job is bringing a scene to life by building up the sound layer by layer. Sometimes you're starting from a blank canvas (soundwise speaking, so... silence basically), and to be able to complement the beautiful images made by my colleagues with the right soundscape can be both challenging and rewarding."

Why is sound so important for video? 🔊 

Of course, not everyone understands the power of sound as well as Leander does. That's why we created a video to show what difference the right mix of voice-overs, music and sound effects (sfx) can actually make. Leander already showed a sneak peek of this video during the day in the life IG stories, but here's the full video. Watch and learn! 

Interested in becoming part of our team? Leander is looking for new colleagues! 🤝 
Check out our Sound Engineer vacancy

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