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Olivier Van Baeveghem

Aug 12, 2019

10 min read

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On this page you’ll find a selection of videos that we think is interesting for you. If you have a question about any of those or about a new project, please contact

By StoryMe

A high-end campaign video to show Fujirebio’s crucial work in Covid testing. Teasers were made for Social Media.

Live action explainer of Fujirebio’s Neurocenter of excellence.

30s tv spot for Croix Rouge, combining a studio shoot with a high-end cinema camera and Croix Rouge archive footage.

Animated explainer about PARP inhibitors.

See here dutch version.

A company video to explain in a nutshell what KickCancer does to investors, institutions, general audience. Because everything they do is for children, we let kids explain it in their words. NL and FR versions were created.

To generate extra content, we created behind-the-scenes of the corporate shooting day.

Because many people don’t really know what an anesthesiologist does, ESAIC wanted a video to put minds at ease.

For a series of 8 videos about HIV, we created this animated intro sequence. Because archive footage is expensive, we used sound effects to get a sense of the struggle of HIV throughout the years. Sequences were created in NL and FR.

Vox Pops to create awareness about the lack of knowledge of feminine football players.

3D animated explainer.

Using 3D elements to explain how a certain medicine works.

For this client, we created hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation based on prerecorded interviews.

Text on screen animation to raise awareness about discrimination. Part of a series.

Strong visuals and text-on-screen

Animated explainer to keep this illness top of mind with HCPs.

Other Productions

MSD Testimonials

2 patients talk about their experience with head & neck cancer. Teasers were created in different language versions and formats. In total there were 12 deliveries for this project.

A teaser to drive traffic to the main video. Square version, delivered in 2 subtitled versions.

3 extra Q&A videos were created to have extra in-depth content on Magali’s experience with head and neck cancer and from her point of view as a coach.

For Pulmonary hypertension, we interviewed 2 different patients (Ghislaine and An). 4 videos were delivered: two in the original language and 2 dubbed.

The point of view of a patient, a nurse, and a doctor in one video.

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