Video Strategy

StoryMe creates talking lawn mower to promote Namgrass on VTM

Thomas da Luz

Apr 02, 2021

8 min read

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When you tune into VTM in the next 3 weeks, chances are you’ll come across a talking lawn mower. This funny character was created by StoryMe to promote Namgrass’ artificial grass.

The idea is simple: Why waste time mowing the lawn when you could be enjoying life with your loved ones? This catchy TV commercial aims to convince their audience to switch to the convenience of artificial grass. Discover the amusing new commercial here:

StoryMe developed two different video strategies for Namgrass' audiences. Besides this video commercial broadcasted on VTM for the older generations, they also set up a social media campaign with 4 video teasers to reach a younger audience through Namgrass’ social channels.

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