Who Framed Freddy

Olivier Van Baeveghem

Oct 28, 2021

10 min read

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#WhoFramedFreddy started as a simple render challenge between the StoryMe creatives for International Animation Day 2021. The friendly competition quickly devolved into a company-wide collaboration that celebrated the art of animation.

In search for inspiration, we realised that there are so many talented graphic designers out there. We want to use our platform to display this wealth of diversity in illustration & animation to the public.

The goal

Make the art of animation accessible to the public, frame by frame.

When will people see my frames?

We will update the page and share the video with the selected frames once every quarter.

How can I participate?

Anyone can participate. Just illustrate and animate your own interpretation of Freddy (the penguin). You decide the visual style. You choose your animation technique. Keep in mind:

Share your frames with StoryMe and we take care of the rest:

Can I win any prizes?

This is a challenge, not a competition. There are no fees to enter and no prizes to win.

Will I be given credit for my work?

We strongly believe in giving credit where it’s due!

What is my deadline?

Since we share an updated version every quarter, the upcoming deadlines are: 21/01/2022, 22/04/2022, 22/07/2022, 21/10/2022. You can forward all your animations or questions to

Downloadable animation kit

Download here our technical briefing and animation kit to get yourself started.

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