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Use These Canvases to Start Creating Your Own Video & Video Strategy Plan!

These colorful canvasses are a great guide for mapping out your video (strategy) plan. Each topic like 'audience' and 'message CTA' will help you and your team reach video success!

Video Plan and Video Strategy Plan Canvas.png

With this canvas you can:

  1. Have fun brainstorming with your team
  2. Give structure to your next Video Strategy Plan
  3. Visualize the steps you should take for a successful video

What's in this download?

  1. An empty Video Strategy Plan to create your own plans
  2. An empty Video Plan to structure your own video ideas
  3. A Soapbox video with Jordan, Video Strategist, explaining how you should use these canvasses.

Curious about the Canvasses? Have a sneak peak right here!