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Incompany Video Strategy Workshop! 🚀

Our incompany workshops focus on your company and department goals, using relevant examples straight from your industry. Our Video Strategists prepare a personalized workshop agenda to help your team with everything video. At the end of the day, you will walk away with a personal and tailored video plan, ready to implement in-house!

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Video First Conference

Europe's first International Video Strategy Conference was held in Belgium last year. Video First Conference is a day dedicated to all things Video Strategy! Inspiring international speakers and trailblazing video marketing experts will talk about using video for boosting business growth and strengthening brand content. Join us for the second edition of VFC in November 2018!

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Speaking at Events

We’ve spoken at 100 events and counting. Our Video Strategists bring their expertise to the stage as they preach the power of video, and do it in style. Our keynotes are a fresh way to learn about the latest in Video Strategy and are anything but ordinary.

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