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Video Product Overview 🎥

Ditch boring content and boost your video approach! Browse our range of video products to see all the ways your video can take shape! Animation, Snack, and Live Videos will convey your message and inspire action! 🚀

Live Videos

Energize and humanize everything from your customer testimonials to your epic events, all with the help of live video.

How To Video

We've all watched videos to learn something new, so why not make a how-to video series for your company’s hot topics?
A live how-to video is an excellent tool to help your audience in a human, memorable and enjoyable way. They're also perfect to establish your brand as a thought leader.

Live Explainer Video

Explain your product effectively, human to human.
With a live explainer, your audience gets to see how your product works in real life, making it way more tangible. People are a lot more likely to watch you explain than to read a complex manual.

Video Blog

A video blog is an entertaining way of showing your corporate identity, along with the inner workings of your company.
They give your audience a privileged feeling as they get a sneak peek behind the scenes of your company, which proves your authenticity.  

Event Video

Event videos have a high shareability factor and increase brand awareness.
People like to look back on the events they attended, and love to show their friends and family. So event videos extend your reach ánd show everyone how awesome your event was - the fear of missing out is real!

Lifehack Video

If there's one thing the internet loves, it's life hacks!

Make your customer's life easier by sharing some simple but valuable tricks about your product. Life hacks are very shareable too!


Video Testimonial

A testimonial video is a great way to build credibility for your company.
People trust other people, so seeing how your brand collaborated with the interviewee is a perfect way to gain trust. It's like seeing a peer review that gives a 5-star rating!

Video Signatures

Video signatures finally show the friendly face behind an e-mail.
It's a way of making your e-mails more personal by actually showing clients and prospects who they're dealing with. Your clients will feel more connected, and it's fun!

Mini Course Video

Some topics might ask for a series of explanations to really get your point across.
These are useful videos to show your expertise, claim thought leadership and become top of mind.

Animation video

Visualize and simplify your products and services with the help of animation. With animation you can bring any story to life.  

Explainer Video

An explainer video explains your product or service easily and effectively.
They allow your audience to truly understand your product in no time. Using video also engages your customers by showcasing your product in a fun way.

Animation + Live

Combine animation and live to create stronger videos.
Want to lift your live video to the next level? Animation adds creativity and humor, resulting in a video that will keep the viewers' attention for much longer.

Video Article

A video article is a way of making those same old texts interesting again.
Turning your text or blog into an appealing video that grabs your audience's attention also increases traffic to your website!

30 Second Animation

We like to keep things short and simple!
A well-edited, short and powerful video is perfect to tease your customers and raise brand awareness. Chances are your audience will watch the whole thing, and maybe even twice! 😉

60 Second Animation

A 60-second animation video: how a longer and complex message can be easily explained!
Creating to the point, one minute animations is our speciality. Whether you want to increase sales or recruit your next colleague, animations will stick in the viewer's mind!

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials are great for visual learners, like most of us!
Whether you want to reach customers or employees, teaching your audience something new in a fun and effective video tutorial will save time and effort.

YouTube Ads

Creating video ads for YouTube is a speciality. You have to grab the viewers attention in 5 seconds and convince him not to skip.
If you want to increase sales or brand awareness, we can create impressive video advertisements to trigger your audience while they're browsing YouTube.

TV Advertisement

Why not make a unique TV Ad for your product?
Get your audience talking by incorporating sound, images and movement in a unique TV Ad to showcase your product to a wide audience.

Logo Animation

A logo animation gives a short and sweet touch to your existing logo.
An animated logo immediately brightens your social network profiles and company website. It's also a great way to stand out from your competitors and trigger potential clients.

Snack Videos

Stand out by creating a series of short and snackable videos so you can maximise your impact!


Phototeasers are snackable content that are easily digested by your target audience.
They're short enough not to cause frustration and will easily retain your viewers until the call to action. They're also perfect to share on social media!

Stopmotion Video

Stopmotion is a way of turning a series of photos into a video without animating them
Impress your audience with a visually appealing stopmotion video that's certain to make the viewers remember your company.

Loop / GIF

A loop is a very short video set on repeat, in a way that makes it look mesmerising.
It catches your attention, it's easy to consume and perfect to drill in your USP's again, and again, and again...

Cinemagraph Video

A cinemagraph stands out from a regular picture by using subtle motion.
It's a beautiful twist from the usual GIFs with the use of high quality photos that are brought to life. Cinemagraphs are so beautiful that you can’t ignore them. 

Snack-Animation Video

Short and powerfully animated videos with one goal in mind: making your customers hungry for more.
Have you ever been so excited to see what the teaser was all about? Snack-animation does just that!

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