1. Get more and better sales leads  

The hardest part of sales is getting prospects interested in your product or service! There’s nothing that engages better than video and because it’s so easy to consume, it’s a perfect head start in gaining more leads. By using videos in a smart way you can qualify those leads, you'll improve your sales numbers for the better. Contact us today to find out how you can get more sales leads with video.

2. Give your product or service the attention it deserves

Don’t let people guess what your added value is, show them! With video, you can explain your product or service, all while simultaneously highlighting your USPs. Your next campaign is the perfect opportunity to amplify your communication across all channels and get your message out loud and clear. We launched a series of videos for Lazer to convince people who were still on the fence. The result? They sold 340% more during the campaign.

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3. Reduce drop-off within your sales funnel

When thinking of your target audience's main pain points, video will help you address them in a more convincing way than text and emails alone. After all, video’s naturally high engagement rate reduces the dreaded funnel drop-off! We launched this UberEats campaign to convince everyone in Brussels interested in their service. Get the most out of your leads and talk to one of our video marketers today.

4. Convince your prospects & humanize communication

Video has modernized traditional sales communication methods for the better, making things more efficient and effective. In fact, video is the best way to build trust and convince your prospects in the consideration stage, and later to close deals. Email signatures are a great way to do this because they humanize the connection between the sender and viewer - and they're fun!

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