Video Product Overview

Ditch boring content and boost your video approach! Need inspiration? Browse our range of video products to see all the ways your video can take shape! Animation, Snack, and Live Videos will convey your message and inspire action!

Animation Video


An explainer video does what it says in the name; it explains a product or service through video. The benefit of explainer videos is that you can easily explain something to many people within a small time frame. This is useful for pointing out the USPs of your product or service. For Telenet we did just that, explain their fibernet service.

Animation + Live

Mixing animation with live video can create a strong video, depending on its goal. Animation can help with explaining a concept, whereas live aspects add emotion to your video. Combining them, as we did for Imec, can lift that corporate video to the next level.

YouTube Ads

Depending on your target audience, videos might do better as advertisements on YouTube. That's how Green Life was able to get the hungry YouTube audience to start eating healthy.

60 Second Animation

A 60-second animation video; that's where our animation team thrives. Animation ranges from illustrated characters to animated photographic material that leads to surreal destinations for you to discover with Joker.

TV Advertisement

Your counter-espionage game will never have been so strong. All thanks to the "De Mol" app that helps you catch the mole, and helps you win prizes at the same time.

30 Seconds Animation

Inducing a Vedett craving in 30 seconds is something animation videos can make you do, and they do it well.

Video Tutorial

A tutorial is basically a how-to video. For BNP Paribas Fortis we were asked to make a video tutorial for Android Pay. The challenge here was to make it simple yet understandable within one minute and without voiceover.

Video Article

A video article is a way of making that boring PowerPoint presentation interesting again, so no more dozing off. By making use of photo and video footage, to-the-point text on screen, and appealing transitions, administering antibiotics will be done correctly from now on.

Logo Animation

A logo animation gives a short and sweet touch to your existing logo. It makes it come to life and stand out. Usable in a variety of circumstances. Easy to use on your Facebook page profile picture. We made the logo of Bond Moyson come to life in this way. They now use it in their presentations at their office.

Snack Video


A loop is a very short video or gif that's set on repeat in a way that makes it almost mesmerising. Perfect to drill in your USPs again, and again, and again...

Stopmotion Video

Stop motion is a way of making videos by using photos without animating them. Our team can make visually appealing teasers this way, great for Beefeater who said cheers to this video.

Phototeaser Video

Phototeasers are snackable content that are easily digested by your target audience. They're short enough not to cause frustration, yet have enough of a presence to create awareness for your product or service.

Cinemagraph Video

A cinemagraph stands out from a regular picture by using subtle motion. Just like the Harry Potter newspapers, cinemagraphs grab your attention.

Snack-Animation Video

Have you ever been sat in a cinema and been excited to see what the teaser was all about? Snack-animation does just that, appealing to your customers and make them hungry for more.

Live Video

How to Video

Humans don't only learn by doing but also by watching. A live how-to video is an excellent tool to help your audience on their way and to avoid repetitive questions.

Live Explainer Video

A live explainer is essentially the same as an animation explainer. But it has that human touch to it. You get to see how stuff works in real life, which could sometimes be more practical depending on your project.

Video Blog

A video blog is an entertaining way of showing your corporate identity, along with the inner workings of your company. It gives your audience a privileged feeling. They know what you do and they are allowed a peek into your company, which makes you more transparent and helps you to be authentic. It's also a great way to show thought leadership to the world.

Event Video

Event videos have a high shareability factor. People like seeing themselves, and they like showing these videos to their networks. It extends your reach while showing how awesome your event was. The fear of missing out is real, and it could make your next event even more successful.

Video Testimonials

A testimonial provides your target audience with a testimony on your company. It shows how the collaboration went between your company and the subject of your testimonial. It's like seeing a peer-review that gives you an automatic 5-star rating.

Video Signatures

Video signatures show the face behind an email. It's a very personal way of communicating and actually shows you who you're dealing with. It makes your clients more open and comfortable, and it's fun! It's a great way to start building trust.


Animation Videos

Animation Videos

Visualize and simplify your products and services with the help of animation, stop motion, and live animation.

Snack Videos

Snack Videos

Stand out by creating series of short and snackable videos. So you can maximise your social impact.

Live Videos

Live Videos

Energize and humanize everything from your customer testimonials to your epic events, all with the help of live video.

Video Strategy

Video Strategy

How do you stand out in a sea of content? Let our Video experts guide you through the process of setting goals and creating a fool-proof Video plan.

Video Distribution

Video Distribution

What's a good Video if no one sees it? We push your Video in front of the right audience, at the right time, on the right platforms for maximum results and track your ROI.

Keynotes + Workshops

Keynotes + Workshops

Still on the fence about Video possibilities? Our sessions are anything but cookie cutter. Let us inspire, educate and activate you and your team.

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