Reach Your Company Goals with Video Strategy!

What is the point of good looking videos, if they don’t reach their goals? Our Video Strategists will guide you through everything you need to know to rock your Video Strategy! They will educate and activate yoiur team towards reaching your goals with video. That means thinking about the right videos in front of the right audience, at the right time, and on all the right channels.

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What Can You Expect?

Video Is Booming
An inspiring intro on the latest trends in Video Marketing.

 A Video Strategy Plan
Together we will dive into the Video Canvas and map out a Video Strategy Plan based on your companies key challenges.

Distribution Tips
Make sure your time and efforts aren’t going to waste!

In this part we will share the best video practices for each platform.

Tools & Apps
Educate on the latest software and tools to help you start creating your own videos.

Making Your Own Video
Using your smart phone and laptop, we will give a hands-on workshop to get everyone’s creative juices flowing

and practice their video skills.

This is what an incompany workshop looks like:

We've Already Trained:

At these beautiful Companies we already organised an Incompany Workshop-1.png

What Will Your Team Learn?

Gain Knowledge & Inspiration
    • Cases, best practices and the latest Video trends in your industry

      Your Video Strategy Plan
      Translate your Company goals into an actionable Video Strategy

    ROI Optimization
    Get the most out of your video by optimizing your Distribution Strategy and in doing so, maximizing your ROI

    Start Creating Videos Internally!
    Make DIY videos using the latest Tools, Apps & AI

  • You’re Ready To Rock With Video!
    Get the ball rolling and build excitement around creating videos and being on camera!

Download the Video Transformation Workshop Overview