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StoryMe Receives First Payment of Digital Currency and encourage suppliers and partners to do the same

Ghent, 18 January 2017 - StoryMe, pioneer in Video Strategy, has accepted their first digital currency payment of 2018. As international Video experts and Video Strategy thought leaders, they embrace simplicity, innovation, and emerging new technologies. In 2018, they will accept cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and encourage suppliers and partners to do the same.

New Year, New Things

The new year is bringing changes for the Video Strategy company. StoryMe is officially accepting cryptocurrency, as well as using it as a payment method with suppliers and other partners. They just received their first cryptocurrency payment from a Chinese-US based project last week. Instead of just reinvesting the cryptocurrency they receive, they encourage their suppliers and partners to help grow the community by doing the same.

Why Bank on Cryptocurrency?

StoryMe aims to provide most simple, smooth and enjoyable experience for all of their clients in every step of the customer journey. (And an easy payment for everyone is definitely an important part of this journey.) Secondly, they found this to be a great way to optimize and improve their cash position and invoicing processes. Lastly, this technology is transforming the way business is done around the world, and they want to be at the forefront of this change.Cryptocurrency is a technology, a currency, an investment vehicle, and a community of users all in one. The absence of a centralized third party makes it efficient, simple, fast and secure thanks to blockchain technology and cryptography. StoryMe is fascinated by the possibility of streamlining and simplifying the buying and selling process for the better. With the absence of third party or bank system to control things, no national boundaries or limitations, no fees or charges. They believe that cryptocurrency will change the game in the same way video did for communication—making financial exchange simpler, faster, and easier.

The next step for StoryMe is to find service providers willing to accept these currencies. Then they will be able to have an impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole, not only a part of it.


About StoryMe


Founded in 2013, StoryMe is a Belgium-based Creative Video + Performance agency on a mission to help companies become Video First. Keeping this mission in mind, they’ve helped over 1,000 clients such as Audi, Alken-Maes, Alpro, Bayer, Beaulieu, BNP Paribas Fortis & Imec to reach their goals with video.

StoryMe is an international team of 50+ video specialists located in Ghent and Brussels.


StoryMe is een Belgisch creatief Video + Performance agency, opgericht in 2013 met als missie "Bedrijven Video First maken". Met deze missie in het achterhoofd hielpen ze al meer dan 1,000 klanten zoals Audi, Alken-Maes, Alpro, Bayer, Beaulieu, BNP Paribas Fortis & Imec hun doelstellingen bereiken met video. 

StoryMe bestaat uit een internationaal team van 50+ videospecialisten gevestigd in Gent en Brussel.

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Our work

Through our performance-based video strategies we create videos that drive customer success. This way we help our clients reach their goals with Video. Watch our showreel and see what we mean! 


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