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Our 5 Video First Ambitions for 2018! 🚀

2017 was a year of growth and new direction for us at StoryMe. So, what does 2018 have in store for us? We’re no fortune tellers but we know what we want to bring to the table for ourselves and for our clients in the new year. It’s Video First all the way baby. Here we go! 🚀

1. Implementing the Video First Mentality in Every Single Company


This year was the year we made the Video First mentality shift, 100%! We’ve seen the power of video ourselves and have set out to help companies see it, too! In 2018, we’ll educate and help companies reach their business goals, but most of all we’ll make them more efficient in their video communication. This means helping clients dispel the myth that video is only for content marketers, because it’s not! Video can tackle challenges for all departments. So far we've helped around 30 companies with Video Strategy! By educating our clients, they’ll have the confidence to implement the Video First mindset themselves. In a nutshell, 2018 is the year that our clients become as Video First empowered as we are!

2.  Video Strategy = The Foundation for Production

There used to be a mindset among our clients that production came first, and strategy was the cherry on top. That’s not the case anymore! We want our clients to know that a solid strategy is the foundation for a successful video or video campaign. With a solid strategy comes video production success, and sitting down before production means helping clients optimize their ROI: for instance, multiple ‘snack’ videos might be a better option than making one long video for the same price. Not all video is created equal, so our team of video experts can help determine the essentials: which target audience, which goals, and for which part of the buyer’s journey.


3. Making SMART Videos for Our Clients

Everyone knows that video trends are changing rapidly! As a Video Strategy company, it’s our job to anticipate the latest trends and create future-proof videos for our clients. So, how can we make videos as future-proof as they are kickass? Yesterday’s thinking was to create videos with the optimal length and format. The future of video means making SMART videos. For instance, this means using smart scripts and smart visuals to increase SEO optimization and to be easily recognized by AI technologies. AI is the future of video, and StoryMe will help our clients be AI ready!

4. Building a Simple and Efficient Production Machine


Our creative and passionate creatives in production are the backbone to our company. Video production is the yin to our Strategy yang here at StoryMe, and production this year means improving our processes to deliver the highest-quality videos possible with fast and efficient turnaround. We’re focusing on our clients happiness by giving them the best of both worlds with video strategy and production in 2018!

5. Supporting CVOship 🏆


The new year will be about recognizing clients who inspire us, the ones who motivate us to up our video game every day. When we awarded Bianca De Vos of BNP Paribas as our CVO ’17, it was because we admired how much of a Video advocate she had been. In the past, video was a nice extra but now it's earned its place in every company and department. Since more and more companies are realizing this fact, they're appointing Chief Video Officers in their organizations to head up video efforts. We know video is the future and want to award and support companies leading the way with CVOship!


So, another year, another laundry list of goals sets and ambitions to realize. As a creative company, creativity means finding new ways to reinvent ourselves and improve. The Video First mentality might’ve been born in 2017, but it’s ready for take off in 2018! 

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