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Animation or live video?

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There comes a time in every video marketer’s life where they have to make an impossible decision: Animated video? Or live video? Both tell stories in their unique way and help you to achieve different goals. Some take you on an epic journey that will make your naughty bits tingle, others will make quantum physics look like child’s play. Don’t let fate decide whether you choose animation or live video.

Live video makes people feel

Creating an immersive experience works better with live video. A Tomorrowland aftermovie will make you feel like you’re actually in the middle of it all. You can hear the music, feel the beat, smell the sweat. Sorry about that. It’s the full package and it will give your audience a taste of the real deal.

The expert in live video

Interviewing an expert offers insights to prospective customers and gains trust. Case in point: our very own Video Marketing Expert Korneel strutting his stuff, throwing around knowledge like it’s confetti.

“So what’s left for animation?” you say. Plenty.

Animation simplifies

Animated videos have the special power to boil down hugely complex information into bite-sized bits of knowledge. Abstract ideas and topics that are awkward to broach fare well in an animated format.

Animation allows retro-editing

Retro-editing is a huge benefit of using animated video in your marketing strategy. If your content is prone to change, doing reshoots can be a real pain. Recreating the exact same shooting circumstances would even make a Hollywood veteran curse like an angry sailor. Creating additional animation, on the other hand, is a much easier feat.

Animation boasts endless possibilities

Animation can create things so crazy that even the Japanese couldn’t imagine them. The possibilities are literally endless. There is nothing that can’t be translated to an animated video in the style, tone and length that’s right for you.

That about sums it up. If you do, however, still have crippling doubts about your choice of video format, Korneel will be happy to talk it over.

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