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Think in 3H!

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Marketers love abbreviations and acronyms. We have the 4 Ps: price, product, place and promotion. We have our SMART goals, our SWOT analyses, you name it. For successful video content strategies, YouTube created a framework called 3H. We have Harold, so that makes 4H. Does that mean we win this one?

What is 3H?

3H is a framework for creating succesful content strategies. It consists, unsurprisingly, of three building blocks, all starting with the letter H.

Youtube 3H framework

Hero videos

The hero video is big and it’s spectacular. It’s something that creates buzz for a limited time once to four times a year. A bit like sunshine in Belgium. These videos are made to increase brand awareness and grow your audience.

Hub videos

Hub videos are meant to entertain your customers. They are pushed regularly over a longer period of time. A bit like rain in Belgium. If rain were fun, that is. Their goal is for people to like your videos and to come back for more.

Hygiene videos

Lastly, we have the hygiene videos. Hygiene videos are called that way because it’s the best H-word YouTube could think of. Allegedly. These videos constantly offer content to viewers whenever they need it. They cover evergreen topics and continuously attract new viewers who use YouTube as a search engine for information. A ‘how to’ is a perfect example of a hygiene video.

Like Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, this trinity is the key to video marketing success. The trick is to create the right mix of video content and release it at the opportune time.

Now let’s take a small step back. Your video marketing strategy is intricately linked to your general marketing strategy, and even to your overall business strategy. Align your goals across everything you do and you will come out on top.

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