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Why you need video in your marketing strategy!

All around you, marketers are investing heavily in video. So what exactly is holding you back? Do you think your product just isn’t exciting enough for video? Do you assume that video isn’t useful in B2B? Or are you worried about the complexity and the cost of implementing video in your marketing strategy?

Nonsense! Video can make your product shine, no matter what it is. Here’s why:

People are visual creatures


Our brain loves visuals. It just eats them up like candy. The average brain processes video a lot faster than text (though probably not 60,000 times faster, as is often claimed).

Lazy as he is, your brain much prefers information that is easy to digest and interpret. That’s why we enjoy watching images and video.

Everyone’s doing it

Watching video that is. Even 75% of corporate bigwigs watch video at work, according to Forbes. Videos are no less than 12 times more likely to be watched than articles are to be read.

70% of marketers are producing video and seeing greater engagement and ROI as a result. Video posts attract three times more inbound links than text, says SEOmoz.

Video is memorable

When we hear information, we’re going to remember about 10% of what’s being said three days later. When relevant imagery is added to the mix, retention goes up to 65%. This is one of the things that makes explainer videos so valuable.

Video is emotional

Video makes us feel all the feels. It can move us; make us laugh or cry. It can motivate us to get off our butts and take action. It can humanize your brand and forge a bond with your customer.

Whether you are selling lawn mowers or math lessons, there is always a way to tell a story that will make people go aww.

Take a look at this video from Chipotle, for example. 15 million views for a video from a fast food restaurant? Not bad.

Made to measure

Video is the perfect medium to measure. Unlike with text, measuring complex metrics is easy as pie. The drop-off point, meaning the point where a user stops watching your video, tells you exactly what’s wrong with your content.

Better SEO

Google always keeps its user in mind. When we all started using our smartphones to search online, Google responded with an SEO update that kicked you down a few notches if your website wasn’t mobile friendly.

Similarly, it is now favoring websites with video, going as far as increasing the chances of making it to the front page by 53 times.

If these six facts don’t persuade you, consider this: by 2017 69% of all internet traffic will be video content. Time to jump on the bandwagon!

Not quite sure how to start on your first video? Korneel will show you the way!

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