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The ideal video length!

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Our Inbound Sales Executive Elke gets a lot of calls from people who are interested in video marketing. She’ll ask them: “Have you thought about the length of the video you would like to make?” and most of the times the answer will be: “Hmm. I’m not quite sure. What is the ideal video length?”

The truth is this: there is no one-size-fits-all perfect video length. It all depends on the story you’re trying to tell and the goal you’re trying to achieve. One great rule of thumb: keep it as short, sweet and simple as you can.


The 15 second video

15 second videos are great for brand awareness. They are hot little teasers that leave your audience wanting more. They’re perfect for use on social media and as pre-rolls on YouTube.

For maximum impact, go for a series of teaser videos that surprise and entertain.

Ideal platforms: Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube pre-rolls


The 30 second video

The good people at YouTube recommend this length for video ads. They tell a clever or funny story and keep it to the point.

Ideal platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube pre-rolls


The 60 second video

If you want to explain a product or concept, 30 seconds might feel a little snug. That’s why we usually recommend 60 seconds for a great explainer video or how-to. Say what you need to say but keep it short and snappy. That way, you’ll keep your viewer’s attention.

EnergyLab & StoryMe 

Ideal platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Website


The 90 second (or longer) video

Real talk: At the one minute mark, 44% of your viewers will stop watching your video.

Videos that are longer than one minute work best for your employees and more engaged audience. They could be onboarding videos, TED-style talks or advanced topic presentations.

Consider dividing your videos up into different episodes to keep engagement up.

Ideal platforms: Periscope, Youtube, Website


The bottom line

There are different types of video for different audiences and goals. A good video library contains multiple forms and lengths to guide the viewer along the entire buyer journey.

Don’t worry though. These rules aren’t set in stone. There’s only one real rule: make good content!

Oh, and one last thing: You have 5-10 seconds to grab your viewer’s attention. Better make it count.

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