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From play to pay: video as a sales tool!

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If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll know exactly why you need video in your marketing strategy. But do you already know how to use it? Let us show you how to use video as a clever sales tool. Are you ready to rock that video power? Read on.

Why video is great as a sales tool

Sales and marketing are melting together into one big number crunching conversion machine. Data-driven sales and marketing are taking center stage and smart software suites teach us a lot about our customers and their needs.

Video is king when it comes to learning what customers want. We can see the exact second our viewers lose interest. We can see precisely what products our prospects are interested in. That way, we can personalize sales with offers we know will raise interest.

Where does video fit into the buyer journey?

60% of top companies are already using video from discovery to sale, because it can give you that extra edge all across the buyer’s journey. Let’s take a walk.

The awareness stage - drive awareness

In this stage, your audience is only just discovering your brand. Things should be light and fun. Use video to show off your personality, but leave a little to the imagination. These first interest videos should only comprise about 15% of all of your video content. They talk about why you do what you do, not about your product.

Good awareness stage videos: event videos, a short explainer teaser, funny office videos, a thought leadership video

The consideration stage - drive leads

In the consideration stage, things are heating up. Let your product or service be the star in its very own explainer video. Prove that it is easy to use in a to-the-point how-to video. Get your audience to engage with you.

This is the stage where your marketing team can collect information through gated contact and your sales team can reach out with a phone call or a personalized video.

Good consideration stage videos: how-to videos, (recorded) webinars, product overview videos

The decision stage - drive sales

Closing time. Get your audience on board with a kickass video testimonial. This train is ready to leave the station.

Good decision stage videos: testimonials, detailed product demos, case videos

The post-sales stage - foster loyalty

A great salesman knows that maintaining a customer is a lot less pricey than making a new one, so treat them right with the help of video. Video is great for answering frequently asked questions. It’s transparent for your customers and eases the lives of your support team. Double win! Or have you considered a thank you video? As Wayne Dyer once wrote: “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”

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