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Video Marketing is HR's secret weapon!

Today’s workforce wants to have fun at work. Young men and women work hard and with gusto, but they want a job that is fulfilling at a company that feels like coming home.

Successful HR is broadcasting your company vibe and letting other people dance to it. And what is a better way of doing that than a spine-tingling company video? Job postings with videos are 34% more successful, according to Launchpad, a company that specializes in HR technology.

So here are some quick tips to get the most out of an employer branding video.

Before filming

  1.     Think broadly

Consider whether you could use one video for multiple job openings. Maybe you could create one video for your entire sales department, like we did. Or you could do a video for each branch, office or other kind of location. Heck, why not do one to promote the entire company as well?

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  1.     Put your employees in the spotlight

Sir Richard Branson has plenty to say about how to treat your staff, but the gist of it is this: they always come first. Put them front and center in your recruitment videos. Try to get a good mix of people, all the way from the bottom of the trenches right down to the CEO.

  1.     Prepare some questions

You’ll save a lot of time if you prepare some questions for the people you’re interviewing. Some good ones are: Why do you like working here? What motivates you? What does it take to work here? What makes a good Sales Person – Marketer – Engineer – Professional Penguin Mascot?

  1.     Set the mood

Show your new employees – let’s assume you’ll seal the deal – exactly what life at your company is like. Be authentic. A recruitment video is much like an online dating profile. If you pretend to be something you’re not, people are going to find out. Fast.

This is the time to be funny, or smart. Focus on your company culture traits that appeal most to the people you are trying to recruit.

  1.     Use a strong call to action inside the video and out

As with all marketing materials, it is important to use strong calls to action. You ultimately want people to get up and apply for a job at your company ASAP! So apart from a CTA in your video, make sure you have a video overlay or a big shiny button on your landing page.

After filming

  1.     Measure your success

After you post your video, keep track of how it’s doing. Go beyond likes and shares. Is your time to hire getting shorter? Are you getting more applicants for your jobs? Those are the things you want to know!

  1.     Connect the dots

Make sure that the look and feel of your movie translates to your entire employer brand. It makes it easier for prospective applicants to see what you’re all about and easier for you to attract the right type of people.

  1.     Grow your candidate pool with e-mailgating

This is not a must, but it could be useful to put your video behind an e-mail wall. That way, you can keep track of passive interest in your company. Now you know who’s watching your videos, you can go on a pro-active candidate hunt.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions on using video for recruiting top notch candidates, we’re happy to help.

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