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A killer recipe to use video for app marketing!

In a world where most people’s hands are almost literally glued to their phone, having an entertaining or useful app is a great idea.

When it comes to app marketing, video can be a great help, because you need to create enough buzz and direct people to the app store to find your app. And guess what? Video’s a great attention grabber. Today, we will show you how to whip up a kick-ass app marketing video. Let’s get cooking!

The ingredients:

Your app icon

Make a splashing entrance by displaying your app icon prominently on screen. You want your carefully considered app logo to spark instant recognition when people see it in the app store, so it should be the first thing that pops up in your sizzling hot app video.

The benefits

Just like in any good explainer video, you want to show the viewer just how your app is going to make their life easier, better, harder, faster, stronger or even tastier. Travlr, for example, takes the stress out of getting ready to go on vacation.

Use your video to show off your app’s user interface and prove that it is all smooth sailing when it comes to app navigation. People are curious to see how exactly your app works before making an effort to hit that download button. Clue them in on the sweet, sweet action they’re missing out on.

A call to action

Yes, we will keep telling you to give your call to actions some extra attention until the end of time, because while dessert is arguably the most important part of the meal (don’t you dare fight me on this), CTAs are definitely the most important part of your video. Ask your viewers to download your app and tell them where to get it. Most apps are available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. If you have a Windows phone, I’m sorry.

The channels:

Social media

Promoting your app video on social media is pretty similar to promoting any other video on social media. The key is generating buzz, creating recognition and getting people interested. Incorporate the four ingredients mentioned above for maximum impact.

The app store

Social media isn’t the only place where you can make a difference through clever use of video. The app store works like any other search engine. Once people find your app, convince them with an app store preview video. It’s more convincing than text and more dynamic than a screenshot.

Chef’s rules: keep it short, say 30 seconds. Your app store preview video should be like your social media app video on crack. Get to the point quickly, highlight your benefits and show your audience how the app works.

The app store previews are customizable per device and per language, so you get the chance to really focus on specific markets.

Don’t forget to stir up an exciting preview image (it’s called a poster frame for the App Store and a promotional frame for the Google Play Store) to get people to click, watch, and download.

Bon appétit!

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