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Pick Your Channels: Where to Share Your Video!

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Once you’ve created one of the greatest videos the world has ever seen, your next job is getting it out there. Because otherwise, what’s the point? Here are some quick and dirty tips to make sure your video distribution strategy is on point!

  1. Choose the right channels


YouTube is great for your longer content. It works well for episodic video marketing strategies and evergreen search engine content (aka things that never go out of style, like “how to make a tasty burrito”). Keep your channel looking fresh and pick thumbnails that stand out.

As YouTube is basically being used as a search engine, good SEO and smart content (read up on the 3H network here) lead to an organic flow of followers and a dedicated audience. Fun fact: 17% of all internet traffic flows through YouTube.

Facebook & Twitter:

Go for shorter videos than YouTube, as short as 15 seconds. People are often scrolling through feeds so grab attention quickly, ninja-style. Keep in mind that videos on Facebook and Twitter autoplay, so be bold and clear in your communication and don’t rely on voice-over to get your point across.

Facebook believes that video is the future, which shows through the heavy investments they are making. Use the tools they are giving you. Cheap boosts, native video players, livestreams. Go forth and experiment!


Instagram has fully embraced the power of video, allowing video lengths of up to 60 seconds. Show your creativity because it’s all about being visual here. Pull out all the stops and wow your viewers with something beautiful and creative.


This speaks for itself. LinkedIn is a great channel for B2B content and HR videos and authenticity is key. You don’t need overly produced videos that play like a commercial. LinkedIn is about the only network where video isn’t king just yet, but from what we hear through the grapevine things are about to change.


Sending videos through e-mail has some downsides, the biggest one being that you can’t actually send videos through email. More on that here. But once you’ve gotten around that tiny technical hiccup with an awesome thumbnail, GIF or cinemagraph, a world of possibilities will open up to you. Platforms like Vidyard, for example, let you send snazzy personalized videos. Neat!

  1. Share with your network

Now that you’ve selected your channels it’s time to release your video into the wild. I bet you’ve been working hard at building and nurturing an audience. Their word of mouth can give your content an extra boost so use your organic reach to get the best results beyond paid advertising.

  1. Boost

There are plenty of social media channels that allow you to boost your posts for a fee. Facebook and Instagram are very affordable and video-focused so if you’re new to paid video advertising, start over there. Target smartly to get the best results.

  1. Amplify!

There are a couple of other ways to give your video that extra kick. Have you considered influencer marketing, for example? Get the conversation going with potential partners or influentials to help you spread the word or maybe even do a collaboration in the future!

Do your research and spread the love. You’ve worked too hard on your video to let it go to waste. And remember, keep it simple!

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