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Start measuring the right KPIs for video!

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I don’t need to tell you that measuring results is important. I’m sure you know that very well. Now that video marketing is all grown up, marketers are starting to understand the importance of good metrics specifically for video. They help us to justify spend to our superiors, they show exactly how much return we have on our investment and, let’s be honest, they stroke our egos because good results mean that we’ve done a good job.

It’s a bit of a journey trying to get those KPIs just right. Since most of us are heavily using video on social media, it became tempting to get blinded by things like viral views, luscious likes and sizzling shares. Unfortunately, those puppies are called vanity metrics for a reason. They’re lovely to see, but they don’t always show the true efficiency of video.

There is a whole world of video KPIs to discover, but if you’re new to the video marketing game, why not start with these beautiful basics?

The number of qualified views

The amount of video views can actually be a valuable thing to track, but only if you also have some customer insight. Having five million men watch your video is great, unless you’re selling lady shave, for example. So sit down and think about your core demographic. That way, you can report on the number of qualified views, which gives you a better idea of the level of good, relevant brand awareness you’re creating.

The engagement rate

When we talk about video, the engagement rate refers to the percentage of people that watch your video until the very end. It is a great way to learn where your audience loses attention and it’s a good indicator of the quality and the relevance of your video.

Your engagement rate is a force to be reckoned with in the consideration stage. A high engagement proves that people are actually interested in what you have to say. To be heard and appreciated, isn’t that exactly what we want from life?

The clickthrough rate

Depending on the location of your video, clickthrough rate could mean different things. Usually, it’s when a viewer clicks an interactive link in your video, but if you have your video on a custom landing page, clicks on your page’s call to action also count. Either way, it’s great to see how many of your viewers turn into qualified leads or paying customers.

This holy trinity is a great start if you’re looking to measure the most useful KPIs for video. Start tracking, manage your progress, optimize your strategy and above all: keep it simple.

Do you want some help setting out your advanced video KPIs? Let’s have a chat!

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