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The importance of sonic branding!

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We spend hours and hours shaping our brand. For most marketers, it is like the Sistine Chapel: every stroke has to be just so. Special fonts are made, visual styles are decided on, and everything is artfully written down and documented. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the sonic brand. Your brand has a voice, do you know what it’s saying?

Sound expert Steven from Roundhouse tells you why exactly sonic branding is so important. It all boils down to science. Every decision we make is processed through the non-rational limbic system. One of the things that arouse the limbic system is music.

Music has a profound effect on our brains

So basically music is emotion. It affects a subconscious part of our brain in a way that rational arguments and facts just don’t. With the right sound for your brand, you can spark instant recognition and brand association.

Three things your sonic brand can’t live without

There are three prerequisites to any sonic brand:

  1. The sound has to be consistent. Use your sonic branding in every jingle, commercial or video to forge a strong bond between the sound and your brand
  2. The sound has to be unique. Distinguish yourself from the competition. Make it catchy!
  3. The sound has to be ownable. This goes without saying. Don’t let anyone hijack your jam. Another advantage over stock music is that it can be adapted and tailored to your needs whenever you need it

Creating audio brand guidelines

Based on these three must-haves, you can draft a set of audio brand guidelines. They can contain anything from a sound logo to advertising sounds or even specific product sounds. Seasoned sound professionals can translate your core values into sound and music.

MRI research proves that it works. Not convinced? Have a listen. Don’t you immediately recognize all of these itty bitty ditties?


Tell me that’s not what the 90s sound like.


Or that you can’t still hear this one in your sleep


Or that you haven’t papapapapararapapaed along to this one a thousand times

These are examples of music logos, but sonic branding is so much more than that. Take a look at this full-fledged sonic branding, for instance.

A top notch sonic brand can help you to be remembered, to stand out from the crowd and to trigger emotions. So what are you waiting for? Music maestro!
Intrigued by the way music affects every fiber of our being? This vlog explains how to make the most of sound in video.

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