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Junior Planner and Junior PM wanted to strengthen StoryMe team!

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Boy, have we had a hard time keeping up with ourselves these days. Hordes of talented people are joining and new projects are coming in every day. To keep everything running as smooth as sweet jazz on a hot summer night we are looking for a Junior Planner for internal work and a Junior Project Manager for client planning; supermen/superwomen (leotard optional) with nerves of steel, mad organisational skills and a penchant for people.

Who you’ll be working with

You’ll be joining our incredible team of StoryMe superheroes. What makes them special? Click here to read more about their superpowers. You will mostly be working with Project Manager Stan and Finance & Traffic Manager Julie, who was actually one of the first people to start working for StoryMe. If anyone can show you the ropes, it’s this talented duo.

Video as HR's secret weapon

We eat, breathe and sleep video marketing, so of course we had to make a recruitment video. Are you also interested in using video for a winner HR strategy? Then make sure to check out this blog post on the topic.

Do you want to be part of it?

But back to us! Would you like to be the newest member of our StoryMe family? Then check out our vacancies and apply apply apply!

I want to see the Junior Planner position 

I want to see the Junior Project Manager position 

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