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A crash course in VR with expert POW

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The basics

Virtual Reality is hyping up a storm. Major companies like Google, Facebook and PlayStation are investing heavily into the new technology. That’s why we asked VR expert POW to share the ins and outs of the Virtual Reality craze with you. So what is it exactly? Virtual Reality companies have studied the way us humans perceive reality, and then they tried to mimic that reality in a virtual world. To be immersed in this Virtual Reality, you just need to put on a pair of Virtual Reality goggles.

Different types of VR goggles

You may have seen a pair of these once or twice in your life. They come for free with a newspaper or magazine sometimes and though they are fun to get your first taste of VR, they will never wow you quite as much as the more expensive goggles.

This intermediate device can be connected to a lot of Android phones and focuses strongly on the visual experience. You aren’t completely submerged in a different world just yet, but it’s an exciting experience for sure.

The newest and most expensive VR sets like the HTC Vive are truly taking immersion to the next level. While previous goggles focused more on seated experiences, these state of the art ones are all about walking around and even grabbing things with touch controllers. They make VR feel more real than ever before.

VR in the wild

We don’t need to tell you that VR is all the rage with the gamer crowd, but it’s also catching on in other areas. Unsurprisingly, it is estimated to become a 30 billion dollar industry by 2020, according to Digi-Capital.

Where else will VR reign supreme?

  • Movies. Imagine watching Avatar in a 360 degree, surround-sound environment. Hold your horses, James Cameron!
  • Theme parks. As if regular roller coasters weren’t crazy enough, theme parks are introducing larger than life VR coasters. Madness.
  • Travel. Because walking inside the Grand Canyon is more inspiring than reading about it.
  • Real estate. Walking in your future house while all there is now is a pile of dirt. That’s the dream, right?
  • Education. Using VR for education is easier, safer and repeatable. It is one of the few occasion where virtuality beats the real deal.

That was it. A first look into the wondrous world of VR. Do you want to stay on top of all things video? Sign up to our video blog for all the hottest video news!

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