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5 ways to start using video right this second!

You don’t need five years worth of video strategy planned before dipping your toe in the video marketing pool. Do you want to start with video without immediately launching the big guns? Here are some quick and easy tips to help you find out whether video is right for you.

  1.     Add animated GIFs to your e-mails

You know who loves animated GIF? Everyone. GIFs are the perfect opportunity to add some va-va-voom to your e-mail marketing. Combine a killer headline with a visually pleasing GIF, like the one above, and you’ll be sure to have your customer’s undivided attention. A small effort for maximum impact.

  1.     Film 20 second testimonials with your favorite clients

We believe that testimonials are one of your strongest convincers, but if you’re not quite there yet, start with 20 second testimonials with your favorite clients. Don’t worry about sound brands and consistent styles just yet. Just get a feel of the power of a strong testimonial.

  1.     Create short thank you videos for new customers

You can make these as fancy or as simple as you want. Start out with a simple personal recorded webcam message from your business development or customer care team. Thank your new customer for their faith in you, tell them you are available for any and all questions and wish them a good day. A little extra effort goes along way. Want to bet that you’ll get great feedback on these short clips?

  1.      Make video invitations to an upcoming event

Starting off with a video event invitation is a safe bet for a first time trial, because events are easy to get excited about. Nothing quite captures that excited atmosphere like video does. Share a sneak peek, add some nice music, and hype it up!

  1.  Show off your company culture

The beauty of company culture videos is that nobody expects them to be unimaginably polished. People want authenticity. A fun look behind the scenes or a candid employee interview is a great way to strengthen your employer brand.

So why start tomorrow when you can start today? Have you already discovered the power of video and would you prefer some long-term strategic guidance?

Drop us a line, we can help you out!

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