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Immersive storytelling using VR!

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VR is a visual spectacle for sure, but did you know it can actually change the very core of your storytelling? Take video games for example. Video games haven’t been linear for a long time. They often have open worlds where the decisions you make influence the development of the story. It gives you a sense of freedom and it’s wonderful, but VR takes it another step further.

Kevin from YUME explains: The great thing about VR is that it can completely immerse you in the story. It puts you right in the action! The best VR systems can track your eye movement and trigger an event when you watch a certain item long enough. It’s such an exciting storytelling device!

How does it work?

Alright, to explain this we’re going to have to get a little technical. It all starts with the way you shoot your footage. You can do so stereoscopically or monoscopically. Stereoscopic means that you capture images in 3D, while monoscopic images are flat images, arranged in a way that allows them to be viewed in 360 degrees. For the best effect, stereoscopic is the way to go.

This experience is then enriched by sonic sound, which is sound recorded by eight separate microphones, recording in all directions. The result of this technical wizardry? You can almost smell the flowers and the hills are alive with the sound of music.

Ok, so where do you use VR in the real world?

Does it all sound a little wishy washy to you at this point? YUME has used these techniques in the real world to create some inspiring storytelling materials for companies.

For example, they created a VR experience for a beloved cookie brand where visitors can experience both the entire factory itself and all of the places where the company grows ingredients for the cookies.

For a cigar brand, they went all the way to Nicaragua. If you want to walk through a tobacco field 8879 kilometers away (yep, we checked) with the wind rustling through the greenery, you should definitely check it out. It’s pretty sweet, let me tell you.

The added bonus of using animation with VR

VR using real live video is already quite an adventure, but adding animation to the mix will really take you for a ride! The physical world has limits: you can only record what’s actually there. With animation, you can create anything you can imagine, like dragons or creepy aliens, or a room full of dancing penguins. Sign us up!

The dream combo of VR and animation truly changes the way you tell your story. Are you ready to roll?

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