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3 data-backed ways to get more video views

Do you want more people to click and watch your videos? Of course you do! These three data-backed tips to get more video views are so easy a child could do it! Make these small changes to your existing and future videos and you will increase your play and engagement rates in no time!

  1.     Pick your thumbnail wisely

A more successful video starts with choosing a magnetic thumbnail. It should scream “click me!” How do you make your thumbnail scream, you ask? Don’t go with the default that your video player chooses for you. You can do one of two things to get more plays:

You can pick a thumbnail from your video that’s engaging, like a smiling face or an interaction that piques the viewer’s interest. Or you know, kittens, because it is the internet after all.

Or better yet, you can create a custom thumbnail for your video. The same rules apply, but you could also add a catchy title. Research by YouTube also shows that thumbnails that have slightly enhanced colors are clicked more often than their natural counterparts. Better and brighter!

The result? Wistia reports an average increase of 35% in play rate.

  1.     Keep it short

We’ve always believed that short and sweet videos perform best, but don’t take our word for it. Research from both Facebook and Wistia taught us that short videos convert better.

What does that mean? Get to the point quickly, keep it simple and get hustlin’ to keep 80% of your audience engaged until the very end.

  1.     Put your video above the fold

This is a tip for videos that are hosted on your website. Wistia had a look at no less than 95,000 pages with video and their conclusion is simple: the higher on your page the video appears, the bigger the chance that someone will press that shiny play button.

Videos at the very top of a webpage have a 1 in 2 chance of being watched, which is 38% higher than videos at the bottom of a page. So if you want your video to be viewed, move that baby to the top!

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