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5 MORE ways to start using video right this second!

In case you missed it, our recent blog post introduced you to funky and effective ways to dive into the video marketing world. Do you want more easy and affordable ways to inject video into your business strategy? What are you waiting for? Here are 5 (more) quick and easy tips to use videos right-this-second.

1) Stand out with video email signatures 

Probably the fastest way to stand out in a sea of text, video email signatures are changing business correspondence for the better. The advantage? Love at first sight! Clients feel like they’re making a real connection with your employees before they even meet them.

2) Respond to clients with email video

We love video for a million reasons, and one reason is that it cuts through the clutter. Cutting to the chase with video email responses is simple and compelling, period. Instead of taking time to type up a long email and waiting even longer for a response, business developers and clients alike can speed up their conversation with video while making everything feel more human.

3) Create buzz with event video 

Is your team attending your industry’s latest crowd pulling events? Prove it! Record footage of the best moments, speeches or interviews with other like-minded industry professionals while you’re there. Conversation will buzz around the event and people who couldn’t be there can view the content and chime in, too.

4) Share snackable content

Not all video content has to be heavy and information-packed! Think of fun ways to keep your audience engaged with smaller, tastier tidbits of content along the way so that they’ll be more intrigued with your brand and ultimately, more intrigued with your product. Fun fact videos are a unique way to do this.

5) Implement video for on-boarding and HR purposes

Do you have an employee on-boarding/training process you’d like to streamline? Video is a great way to make lengthy or clunky materials more user-friendly for your new team members to learn the ropes from. It’s a perfect way to make sure every employee receives the same information the same way.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Have you tried some of these tips? Let us know what works for you and if you still need help, reach out. We’ve got solutions!

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