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Throwback Time! Video Marketing Lessons from 2016

This was video’s year, no doubt about it. We reflected on the past 12 months, and were so impressed to see how Video has really exploded. Since we’re a bit older and a bit wiser, we wanted to share lessons we picked up along the way. Here are our top 10 Video Marketing lessons from 2016!

1. Always create video keeping mobile in mind!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know mobile’s here to stay. The Global Web Index reported that 65% of users surf the internet on their phones, and you guessed it - use it to watch video. Fewer and fewer people turn their phones horizontally, so optimizing video production for vertical viewing is essential.

2. Brush up on the latest video trends or get left behind!

New video trends seem to be popping up every day. Brushing up on those trends is crucial because clients expect new and exciting things from video. Whether it’s putting still photos into action with a cinemagraph, or using pictures and animation together - the possibility of getting creative with video is endless.


3. A “typical” client is a thing of the past

As the demand for video increased in 2016, we saw departments outside the typical HR and Communication bubble reaching out to see how video could work magic for them. For instance, we created an explainer video for Unilin’s Intellectual Property department to bring their complex patent information to life. Since the sky’s the limit with video, there’s no longer a ‘typical’ client. Video helps improve all layers of business.

4. Standing out from the crowd isn’t just nice...it’s necessary

This may be a no brainer, but the more video floods the digital landscape, the harder companies have to work to stand out in terms of their brand and product. When it comes to video, email signatures are a great way to stand out while creating and maintaining great relationships with customers.

5. Activating your content correctly is everything

The great thing about video is that it can be used for all parts of your video marketing strategy. So once you have your videos, what do you do with them? Your precious content needs a nudge in the right direction and onto the right platforms to be heard and seen.

6. Think outside the box when it comes to video length

Sometimes less is more. A one minute video can be a great solution for clients, but we’ve also seen that creating three 20 second videos was useful for clients to tackle the message(s) they wanted to convey. Another bonus? With more touchpoints to work with, viewers interact with the brand several times. It’s a win-win for everyone! Check out our video covering the topic of video length: 

 7. Targeted video is the way to go

Not all video is created equal and one size doesn’t always fit all. Using video to reach the hearts and minds of viewers means snapping people out of routine viewing and piquing their interest with something they can’t resist watching: something about themselves! Check out the cool personalized video our Inbound Executive Elke received for her birthday.

8. Video and sound don’t always go hand in hand

According to Digiday, 85% of video is now being watched without sound. When video starts rolling, Facebook and Twitter’s autoplay function keeps sound muted. What does this mean? It means getting extra creative with visuals and adding subtitles.

9. People love snackable content

Short and sweet video like Snapchat and Instagram are fun and fast, tapping into what we love about technology. It’s a great way to communicate company culture: Cinemagraphs, Boomerangs, traditional GIFs, you name it. Snackable content is so popular because it is, as the Swedish would say, lagom: just right!


10. 2016 was a great year for StoryMe...period!

We welcomed our new CEO, grew our StoryMe family to more than 50+ employees, and expanded internationally with plans to further take the Video Marketing world by storm. None of these amazing feats would have been possible without our team who brings it every day with their creativity, craziness, and passion for video.

So, those were the 10 lessons we learned this year. Overall, we kicked ass in 2016 and plan to do the same in 2017. Do you, too, want to become a Video Marketing genius? Download our E-book below:

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