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How to Make the Most Out of Your Event Using Video!

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f you’ve ever organized an event you know it’s hard work. It takes tons of planning, blood, sweat, tears and stress. It takes coordination, searching, comparing and mobilizing “the troops”. So if you do all the work, why not make the most of it by optimizing your communication? You have all of your employees, customers, influencers and prospects in one place, so take advantage of that fact with some top-notch video marketing. Here are the types of videos you can produce to give your event the publicity it needs and the extra content you can reuse later.

Customer testimonials

Setting up a testimonial takes some work. You need to find a date that works for you and the customer, go down to their offices, set up, do the work, drive back. Rinse and repeat. Now what if you could walk around or even set up a small video booth at your event and grab a couple of your customers for a quick 1 minute testimonial? It’s like killing 10 birds with one stone!

The presentations

Someone’s been slaving away at a high quality presentation and slide deck for weeks! And of course using video to make those presentations is more engaging and fun to watch  ;)

Anyway, why not leverage the effort you put into those presentations by filming the whole thing and sharing it with new leads a couple of months from now? If you’re using an external speaker, make sure you have their permission to use their presentation, a lot of professional speakers like to keep their carefully crafted content under wraps.

Expert interviews

If your external speakers prefer you don’t film their presentation, try to snag them for a quick video interview instead. Or look around for the other influentials at your event. It’s a perfect time to ask them their opinion on the event, tips and tricks, best practices and so on. Get as much extra value for your audience as you can!

The atmosphere video

Go around and take in the vibe, the laughs, the learning. Capture the mood of your event and edit it into a short video that inspires people, or makes them feel happy they were there, or sad that they missed it. A great after-movie is a surefire way to engage more people to join you at your next event.

And why wait until after the event is done? Own the conversation of your event by posting short interviews, behind-the-scenes clips and atmosphere videos on social media with your special event hashtag during the day.

What do you think? Did you know there was such a treasure trove of content just lying around at your events?

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