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5 Facebook video insights for 2017

You might've noticed video flooding your Facebook newsfeed these past few years. Yeah, there's a reason for that! Video is like the teacher's pet stealing the attention away from all the other students, uh, we mean, content. Boasting 8 billion video views per day, Facebook is chock full of Video Marketing potential, but be careful, not all video is created equal on Facebook. To make sure you're not shooting in the dark when you upload, read on to learn five useful Facebook video insights to boost your Video Marketing efforts this year!

1. Live video is hot

Facebook's hottest video trend can't be stopped. Launched in 2016, Facebook live is like a real time broadcast. Think of live video as an entirely separate kind of content, with even more benefits than natively uploaded video. First, Facebook live is an engagement gold mine! Facebook reports that people watch 3x longer and with 10x more engagement than other video. But what kind of content works best for live streaming? AMA/Q&A's, interviews, events, product launches, behind the scenes, and whatever else you can think of, really. Live streaming is so successful because it taps into an immediacy that feels fresh and novel.


2. Format matters

Ever thought about the best format for your video? It turns out it matters more than you think! Mobile viewing is making desktop viewing less and less relevant. 1.03 billion daily users on Facebook mobile means 75% of Facebook video views are happening on people's phones! People don't feel like rotating their phones for just a few seconds anymore, which makes designing for mobile key. What does that mean for you? When it comes to format type, vertical and square (also known as 1:1) are the most popular. Square video means seamless sharing between Instagram and Facebook, and according to Laundry Service, people are 67% more likely to watch the entirety of a square-oriented video than a horizontal one. 

3. Mobile, mobile, mobile

According to Kantar Media, people are 1.5x more likely to watch video on their phones than on good ol' desktops. Since video is truly a sensory experience requiring more of our attention, it's not surprising that we spend 5x longer on our devices when watching video. As people scroll through their phones, they're looking for stackable content that's easier to consume, and luckily, video is just the right kind of content.

4. Cut to the chase

Views and engagement is the name of the game! You want to capture your audiences' attention right out of the gate, so be compelling and pack a punch with your content in the first few seconds. The average user spends 20 minutes on Facebook every day, so think of your videos on Facebook as prime time. As it turns out, every second counts and shorter videos do better on Facebook. According to Nielsen Brand Effect Studies, videos under the two minute mark perform best. Another good tactic is to make multiple short videos, around 15-30 seconds for the most impact. Remember, first impressions matter on Facebook because it might be the only one you and your company make.


5. Natively uploaded video 

Over the past few years, Facebook has put huge resources into enhancing its platform to promote native video content. Their algorithms favor video that's created and uploaded directly to Facebook. This is great news, because according to BuzzSumo, native video gets a higher number of shares than all other kinds of posts, especially text. The higher number of shares means your businesses content will rank higher in people's feeds and larger organic reach.

So, those were our five Facebook video insights! Keep up with our blog, because in part two of this post we'll discuss five more interesting insights for Facebook video. Want to learn even more about Video Marketing? Download our ebook!

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