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Facebook video insights: part 2

In case you missed it, our previous post covered part one of Facebook video insights for 2017. As promised, here's part two of that post! It's an exciting fact that Facebook video has grown astronomically in the past years and will only become more important for businesses. So, if you truly want to harness the power of Facebook video and publish your video content with confidence, let us help you get a grasp! Read on for four more best practices and insights to dominate the Facebook video game this year.

1. Posting time and frequency

Timing is everything, especially with Facebook video uploading. If you spend precious time to create your video and release it out into the world, you want an audience! So when are people tuned in to your brand? According to Tubular Insights, Tuesday and Wednesday late afternoon/evenings are prime times to upload. The fastest way to reach video success? Get to know your audience and monitor when they're most active. Track your page's optimal post times via the Facebook Page Manager to see when people are interacting with your brand. The insights tab is full of useful data. As for the frequency of your posts, posting content more doesn't necessarily lead to negative results in terms of engagement. So, in this case, more is better! Test by upping your post frequency and simmer down if you notice bad results like post hides and page unfollows. 

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2. Make different videos (and pages) for different purposes 

Social media and video marketing experts recommend making different videos with specific purposes in mind. Sure, you might reach a large audience on Facebook, but making one video for a particular purpose and a targeted audience is your best bet. Ever heard of BuzzFeed or Tasty? These brands have perfected segmenting their pages and videos according to country, topic, age group, language, and more. After all, one video trying to say and do a million things won't feel focused. For instance, Tasty took things a step further and created food video content for very specific audiences, even their youngest of food enthusiasts. So, if you want to promote a new service, event, product etc; make sure that the focus of the video is clear.

3. Words still matter!

Let's get textual for a second. Ever wondered how important those text fields are that go with your video? Do you usually add a description or title to your videos? When it comes to Facebook video metadata, the stats are in. Titling your video has little correlation to how well a video performs, and for the time being, top performing videos on Facebook haven't put much effort into this. But! It is important to know that as Facebook video takes off, as well as its search function, it will be more important to add text for search purposes (SEO!). It's useful to get in the habit of including content in the form of text to make video search more easy. The best way to describe your content can be broken down into six trusty steps: keep your title short and relevant, create an enticing post description of 95 characters maximum, tag people when possible since it improves visibility, add location info, include call to actions to help view and engagement ratio, and lastly, include mentions to other pages or celebrities when possible.

4. Interactivity is key

Comment, like, and sharing is the language of success on Facebook, and even more so for Facebook video. When it comes to video, 53% of video views are a result of people sharing. That's huge! Also, a video gets 2 times more views and 3 times more interactions when there's comments, likes, and responses to comments. The takeaway here is that interactivity is key to engagement, and video needs engagement to thrive. Don't just put your videos out there without reciprocating the love a little bit. Take the time to reply to fans when they reach out or ask questions when it's relevant. The more you do this, the more your content will increase in its rank on your audience's newsfeed. That's a win-win to us!

Since Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms and investing to support video, it only makes sense to stay up on the latest to leverage the power of Facebook video, especially for your business. The future is video, so don't get left behind!

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