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21 Tools for Quick Content Creation 👨‍🎨

More than ever, communication and productivity hacks help us to stay focused, and they could help you too! That's why we're sharing our team's most used tools for productivity, team collaboration, video & content creation, planning, and more. Today: some of our favourite tools for quick content creation. 🎨 Whether you need some help with design, imagery or video, this article has got you covered.


1. Easy & sleek design templates with Canva 🎨

Canva is a platform for graphic design that makes design and editing simple & fun. Need a quick visual for a social post? Want to spice up your screenshots? That's when we love using Canva, and above all, it’s free!


Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 10.51.23


2. AutoDraw for magical creations 🖌️

No, not everyone is born an artist, but with AutoDraw, really anyone can draw. This app combines the talent of actual artists and machine learning. As you start drawing the base shape of something, the app will try and recognize what it is and automagically offer a much better drawn alternative.





3. Adobe Creative Cloud for more advanced work ☁️

From photography and design with Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, to editing and creating videos in Premiere Rush, with the Adobe Creative Cloudyou can explore your creativity for every different skill you have. And did you know that existing subscribers are currently able to extend their plan for two months free of charge? No more excuses, time to get creative!





1. Accessible video editing with Lumen5 📼

No training or experience in making videos whatsoever? With Lumen5, you can create your own video content in minutes. The software uses a simple drag and drop system with a built-in media library so you don’t need to provide any external assets. This is great for quick and simple videos to raise awareness on your social channels, though you do have to spend some time sifting through images to find something that doesn't look too stockphoto-ish. Therefore, sometimes it is worth uploading some of your own visuals. One downside we’ve found is the limited audio flexibility, as you can only use a single track for the full video.




This is an example of a quick ad that we made on Lumen5 so that we could
already create awareness for the Hotline before the full campaign was launched! 

2. YouTube Video Builder ▶️

In uncertain times like these, companies are looking for the best ways to communicate. Switching to video to support their communication efforts is a great way to do so. YouTube’s Video Builder is the perfect tool to help businesses that don’t necessarily have the time or resources to quickly build short videos from scratch. You pick a layout, customize images, text and logos, and pick the right music in the YouTube Audio Library. Videos can last 6 or 15 seconds. And that’s how you easily generate your own YouTube video. Their tool is still in beta, but you can sign up to get access. Happy building! 🎞️





3. Clips for quick, fun social videos 🎬

Clips is a mobile app for video editing by Apple that helps you make fun videos and share them instantly. The process is quick and easy! You start by capturing a moment, either by recording a clip on the spot or by picking one from your library. Next up, you can add all kinds of animations and effects to your video, such as stickers or funny voices. Need to spice things up a bit? Pick a filter and add your favorite song to set the tone! 🎶 Once you're done, share your project to your favorite social platform or with friends. In the example below, you can see that Clips also allows you to add subtitles based on speech! 

Trends Introduction Ebook (no CTA)



4. Get funky with Spark AR  ✨

Ever heard of Spark AR? This powerful augmented reality platform lets you create amazing AR experiences. The Spark AR Studio provides a few great features and assets: we’ve even used it to create our own Instagram filters. You’ll have access to guides, tutorials and more to expand your skills and get inspired by others’ examples. Signing in happens through your Facebook account, which makes it easier to be notified of the approval process and to share it afterwards. Get ready to create your spark!



5. Spruce it up with Ezgif ✂️

A fun tool for the bold GIF users among us is Ezgif. Ezgif is an online toolset to create and animate GIFs for free. It’s so easy to use that you don’t have to be technically oriented. Learn how to crop, split, resize and optimize your GIF, or simply upload your video or rich media file to convert it. Their output unfortunately doesn’t offer the highest quality, but it’s perfectly usable to add a small GIF to your email or landing page for that extra fun element.




6. Download your Instagram Stories creations ➕

By now, you’re probably familiar with Instagram Stories, which, according to Instagram, ‘lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile’. Stories consists of all the photos and videos you feel like sharing, as well as any highlights or posts in between. Add filters, text, or drawings and quickly download your creation to integrate it into your usual workflow for some added flair.


IG_story   IG_story2




1. Keynote - the key to great presentations 🔑

To build, edit and deliver stunning presentations Keynote is all you need, granted you’re using an Apple operating system. Pick or create your own eye-catching themes and tie it all together with cool transitions and animations. This suite allows you to build high quality presentations on any Apple device and collaborate on the same project all over the world. 🤝 Invite people to watch your presentation using Keynote Live, all without the need for a projector. 




2. Universal presentations with Google Slides 🌍

With Google Slides, you can create, edit and collaborate on presentations with others straight from your web browser and on any platform. It makes working on slides together a breeze by displaying changes within seconds and automatically saving all of your work. Choose out of hundreds of different themes, fonts or animations and work both on and offline. Prefer working on mobile? Download the app. All for free. 📲 




3. Cumul.io for quick dashboards 📊

Nowadays, you no longer need to create convoluted slides to report on ROI or marketing activities. Gather all your data into one dashboard in minutes using Cumul.io. Their reporting toolkit helps you create an interactive dashboard that’s tailored to your needs in just a few steps: connect your data, build charts, share insights and integrate your datasets into your own platform. You decide what metrics matter most to your business and clients and Cumul.io provides the necessary results and real-time updates.





Stock Content

1. Source footage and tunes from Envato Elements 💽

Envato Elements is a service that offers all kinds of stock footage, from video templates to stock video and music. They also offer templates that work with Wordpress and integrate smoothly with many e-commerce platforms. Their huge library comes in very handy when you’re in need for some content and don’t have the time to go out there and shoot your own video, as you’ll be able to find just about anything.




2. Pixabay for more royalty-free content 📀

Pixabay is an online community that shares copyright free images, videos, vectors and music. That’s right, everything on Pixabay is free to use. Giving credit to the contributor isn’t compulsory, but appreciated. If you’re looking for content to spread on your social platforms, you’ll find it here. You can always make adjustments to the content from Pixabay and can use these in any way you want, except for selling unaltered versions of the content.




3. Pexels.com for stock photo & video 📷

Pexels is very similar to Pixabay. It’s also an online community where you can find copyright free images and videos. It helps everyone who is looking for great visuals to find great photos and videos that can be downloaded and used for free. This is particularly useful when you don’t have the option to go outside and create your own visuals.




4. Adobe Stock offers qualitative assets 👌

Another library of stock footage is Adobe Stock. Unlike Pixabay and Pexels, Adobe Stock isn’t free. But that’s not all that bad, as this means that the stock footage will have a more premium feel to it. It also integrates flawlessly with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, so it might be worth checking this out if you’re already using an Adobe license, as this makes it quick and easy to find the best footage for your project!




Email Marketing

1. Manage your outgoing emails with HubSpot 📧

While working remotely, emails are more important than ever for businesses. As most people are working from home, email is an important medium to keep your clients and staff up to date with what’s happening. And, luckily, there are already a bunch of tools out there that will make this a seamless process. HubSpot also offers email marketing features that allow us to create, personalize and optimize our own marketing emails.




2. Build awesome emails using MailChimp 🐵

MailChimps feature set is specialized for email marketing and content creation, which closely resembles our final comment about HubSpot. They have an easy-to-use email builder that helps you automate your marketing flow with beautiful email campaigns. You don’t need to be a pro to get started with their tool, so just find out what your audience needs and benefit from their email design guide with styling tips and templates.




Landing Page Creation

1. Instant landing pages with Instapage 🚀

You naturally want to adapt to the crisis quickly by creating meaningful & effective campaigns to reach your audience, but to do so, you’ll need to build landing pages as well. With Instapage, you can easily set up these personalized pages. That’s right, no developer involved! Simply decide on a layout, build blocks with content that can easily be duplicated, moved or adjusted & used on any page.




Quick external help

1. Create your logo using TailorBrands.com 👖

Whilst this crisis can bring a lot of challenges for some companies, opportunities present themselves for others. To quickly kickstart your idea or business, Tailor Brands helps you along with the first building block: creating your logo. Their built-in Logo Maker allows you to make and customize a logo within minutes. Based on your logo design, you’re able to create social posts and even a branded website on top of that, all within the same platform. All you need are a few clicks!




2. Find someone to do the job with Fiverr 💵

Struggling to find the right candidate for the job? With Fiverr, you can explore the marketplace to find the perfect freelancer for your project. Search based on your needs using filters and choose between different categories or fields of expertise. Need some help with copy or graphics? Fiverr’s got your back.





Hope this helps you guys rock your content creation skills in the future!

More tools coming soon. 👋


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