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3 Great Examples of Marketing Departments Using Video!

In 2018, all departments are leveraging video marketing for business growth and sizzling success. But the first who dared to use it? The marketers! The video first mentality means using video in as many touch points as possible across any department. Using Video strategy in your marketing plan ensures your video has purpose and a plan. The following three companies have clearly thought through the purposes of their videos and platforms and how it fits into their overall video planHere are three companies leveraging the power of video to up their marketing efforts!

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a fantastic example of a company using video marketing and content marketing to thrive! Staying in a stranger's home might seem like a crazy idea, but Airbnb has built a company around that exact idea. They use strong storytelling and community-centric content to encourage people to continue traveling, which in turn humanizes their concept and builds a sense of trust in the brand. The Airbnb YouTube channel uploads new videos every week that take an interesting angle on its services, putting a face to a name, and a name to the experience. It’s interesting to note that Airbnb uses video as its primary communication tool for instance through big company moments such as their rebranding, PR crises, and to increase awareness through lighter social stunts.

Key takeaways for your strategy:



2. Moz

Some people call Rand Fishkin of Moz the king of SEO. He’s a master of all things inbound marketing, online marketing, and SEO. Every week he hosts Whiteboard Fridays on their YouTube channel, focusing on topics with impressive detail and attention. By staying consistent and straightforward with Moz’s content, he’s become an industry leader in a niche space and using simple and informative videos to teach and explain his followers. As a result, since 2004, the YouTube channel and MOZ blog are well-known resources with a loyal following of inbound marketers and SEO enthusiasts.


Key takeaways for your strategy:

  • When in doubt, lean on your knowledge and expertise to inspire viewers. This is especially true if you're in a niche industry.
  • Consistency is key. Producing video content on a regular basis is a sure way to keep your viewers coming back.
  • To prevent going stale as a thought leader, make sure to keep reinventing yourself as well as your content. Face your industry trends head on to stay top of mind.

3. BuzzFeed

Anyone who’s been thumbing through Facebook is aware of their addicting viral video content. Whether it’s breaking news or entertaining memes, BuzzFeed’s marketing team is super social media savvy. What they do works so well because because they attract a larger fan base by appealling to different audiences by creating videos to appeal to their interests. BuzzFeed also gets the fact that social media distribution is the secret ingredient for success, acting as an umbrella of content with a wide range of subtopics under it. (BuzzFeedBlue, BuzzFeedTasty, BuzzFeedBoldy, BuzzFeedCeleb  These subcategories also have their own YouTube channel and social pages: Tasty, BuzzFeed Blue, Ladylike, BuzzFeed Celeb, etc; BuzzFeed is an obvious example because they were one of the first companies to use video so well! Other companies like Vice also do a similar job in segmenting their content.

 Key takeaways for your strategy:

  • Don't try to tackle too much in one video! Segment your videos into different topics and interests. For instance, create separate video channels on YouTube instead of dumping all of your video content in one place.
  • When you segment audiences, you can create and claim different online communities engaging loyal and passionate viewers.
  • Don't hold back! Try and incorporate new video trends if it make sense for your content.

Marketing departments understand all too well the importance of video. They've harnessed it to accomplish many different goals and objectives since the beginning of video marketing time. Hopefully the three companies above can inspire you to dive into video this year in creative and fresh ways. Who knows, maybe you'll make the list next time. 😉


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