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3 Top Speakers added to the VFC 2020 Program! 🙌


With the third edition of Video First Conference around the corner, it's time to share our last 3 speakers for the VFC main stage. 👀 We couldn't be more excited when we take a look at the main program that now includes 10 top speakers from all over the world! Scroll on to learn all about our three new speakers and the topics they'll be covering on February 20th at Wild Gallery, Brussels. 🚀

1. Molly & Maria from Monday.com (ISRAEL) 

molly&maria-mondayAt VFC 2020, Monday.com's video creator Molly Sonenberg and YouTube team lead Maria Miroschnichenko will be co-hosting a keynote titled "from DIY to Hollywood: Creative that leaves a lasting impression".

Monday.com has gone from start-up to serving 90.000 teams worldwide! Their product is a B2B tool to help teams plan, organize & track their work in one place. Although they're technically a B2B company, their marketing approach uses a B2C voice and lots of creativity in their campaigns, which has helped them grow in 141 different countries. With more than 20K subscribers on their YouTube channel, they've really mastered the use of video in the B2B industry. 

Whether you're in B2B or B2C, and whether you have a small or large budget, monday.com's keynote is bound to inspire anyone and everyone who's looking for creativity and growth. 

Here's an example of this company's out-of-the-box video content: 


2. Phil Nottingham from Wistia (UK) 


Brand affinity is becoming ever more important in a world where communication is increasingly private and userjourneys are harder to track. Most companies try to improve this via promoted short-form video on social media, but the number of impressions is not always the number of people impressed.

In this keynote, Phil Nottingham, Brand Marketing Strategist at Wistia, will explain how some brands are truly built through advocacy, rather than awareness, and how the best route to creating brand advocates is to produce long-form, original series content. Wistia recently won two Webby awards for their first long-form video series, “One, Ten, One Hundred” in 2018, in which the team researched how budget affects creativity. According to Phil, every business can now compete directly with Netflix, and he'll show you how at Video First Conference



3. Menno Dellisse from Acute International & Grower 

menno-grower-2Menno Dellisse has occupied leading roles at UBS, MasterCard, Le Pain Quotidien group and Febelfin, where he delivered data-enriched and disruptive business opportunities. He is also a regular lecturer in Business Strategy at HEC Paris and corporate governance at NYU. A varied and impressive career that now allows him to challenge and mentor other business leaders, future proof their companies & help them set up for real growth & maximum impact.



Today, Menno is focussing on a new start-up, Grower, which will be launching soon. The title of his opening keynote at VFC is still a surprise, but we promise it will be an eye-opener for any professional, changing your perspective for the rest of the day. 


Full program & Tickets for VFC

Practical information:

  • Save the date: Thursday, February 20th
  • Place to be: Wild Gallery, Brussels
  • You'll be able to register for the Video First Labs before the event
  • Discover the full program
  • Group tickets are available at €299 instead of €349
  • Book your ticket now at the Early Bird rate and benefit from the €50 discount


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