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3 Valuable Video First Labs you shouldn't miss at VFC 2020 πŸ’‘


We know that the keynote speakers at most conferences are great at inspiring their audience, but sometimes it can be hard for visitors to turn that inspiration into practical knowledge and actionable to do's. ⏭ That's why the third edition of Video First Conference will also include a series of "Video First Labs". These are more hands-on sessions in smaller groups that allow you to get interactive with the experts and get the insights and practical tips & tricks you need to really up your Video game. πŸš€ 

1. BuzzFeed: Repurposing Videos to drive up Revenue 

Aidan McClave is a Video Operations Specialist at BuzzFeed. Throughout his career, he has been working in both creative video production and video technology. During his time at BuzzFeed, he has helped to implement a strategic approach to be able to repurpose all the BuzzFeed's content for different regions. This way, he could drive up revenue from all the video content at BuzzFeed in a really efficient way. 

At Video First Conference 2020, Aidan will be hosting a Video First Lab to show you how you can make your content have a lasting impact internationally, too. He’ll be showing companies how to repurpose and redistribute their videos effectively, while retaining all the video data. Some topics he'll cover are: 

  • The importance of the platforms you choose 
  • Which types of content are easy to repurpose? 
  • The Video technology you need to make repurposing work 
  • How to retain all the data about your video content from different platforms & regions


Check out Aidan's introduction video here: 


2. Vlerick: The impact of AI on Video Marketing

Matthieu van den Bogaert is a Video Marketing Specialist at Vlerick Business School, where he has been working for over 14 years. He has a background in digital marketing and has become an expert in the fields of Social Media strategy, content marketing, and Video. During his video first lab at VFC, he will be diving into a few important questions for the future of video marketeers:

  • Can AI be as creative as a video marketeer?
  • Can AI create as compelling stories as we can?
  • How does your smartphone use AI today?
  • Which role will AI play in the future?
  • How could AI impact different stages of video production, distribution and analytics?


He’ll also be demonstrating which tools you can start using today to stay up to speed and start leveraging the power of AI. Check out Matthieu's introduction video here: 



3. Digital Voices: Effective ways to work with YouTube Creators 

Pete Bamforth is a Creative Strategist at Digital Voices UK, where he creates powerful YouTube influencer campaigns for a wide variety of brands and departments - from a recruitment campaign for the Royal Air Force to an awareness campaign for Airbnb!  

With trust in advertising at an all time low, Pete looks for ways to work with YouTube Creators to cut through the noise and establish consumer trust in brands. His workshop at VFC will explore exactly that: the most effective ways to utilise YouTube Creators and long-form video. Discover how to seamlessly integrate your message and harness the power of an authentic tone of voice to not only boost sales and awareness, but also increase brand advocacy.

Find out more about the topics Pete will cover in this introduction video: 


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Practical information:

  • Save the date: Thursday, February 20th
  • Place to be: Wild Gallery, Brussels
  • You'll be able to register for the Video First Labs before the event
  • Discover the full program
  • Book your ticket now at the Early Bird rate and benefit from the €50 discount







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