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3 Ways to Position Your Product with Video Marketing

Positioning your product or service is key for your businesses success! It differentiates you from the competition and demonstrates and explains the value you offer In today's super crowded marketplace, clearly showing off your value helps communicate the unique edge on the competition your brand has. By executing strong brand positioning and tapping into decision-making behaviors, you'll see the benefits of higher brand loyalty and sales. Here are three ways you can do this with video!

1. Explainer Video for the Top of the Funnel

We have a soft spot for explainers here at StoryMe! They're such a versatile and useful brand tool when done right! They put words and visuals into motion to explain a problem simply, they offer solutions, and communicate an experience along the way. With an explainer, your USPS can be easily shown while painting your overall the bigger brand picture. So much depends on how consumers view your brand. Good explainers, whether live or animated, match your brand feel in ways text alone can't. Think content, animation style, color schemes, music choice, and more. 

2. Product Video for the middle of the funnel

Most product videos are considered lower in the marketing funnel of consideration, because at this point, leads are considering your product and are comparing it to other similar products on the market. Here's your chance to set yourself apart! With a detailed product feature video, you can show your potential customers how your product works in practice, not just in theory. The best product videos? They transport viewers to a place where they can see themselves using the product or service themselves.


3. Testimonial Video for the bottom of the funnel

A testimonial is basically synonymous with trust! These videos work so well because they add credibility to your product or service, and who better to endorse your brand than the people who have already interacted with your brand? When it comes to positioning your product, the credibility you can gain by having real people and customers do the talking is invaluable! Tip: Well-made videos touch on the problems or pains the person had and how your brand solved them.


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