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The 4 Most Used Video Products in Sales!


If you're searching for helpful and scalable solutions for your sales teams, then look no further! As a Video Marketing company, we work daily to help companies and their sales team find better and more qualified leads, attract consumers, explain their product better, and see more conversions. Over the past few years we've discovered the most powerful of video products for sales! Take a look.

1. Gain clients' trust through testimonials

This is a no-brainer, but trust is super important in sales! A testimonial video allows someone else to do the talking, and by doing that, naturally increases credibility in your company, product, or service. A stellar client collaboration highlighted on camera is an invaluable and super shareable tool to have in your sales arsenal. Next time you can, put your clients front and center and let them do the talking about their good experience. Testimonials speak to your potential new customers in a relatable way, all while giving them a glimpse and preview of what you offer.


2. Email signatures to humanize client communication

With over 140+ emails piling up in the professional's inbox every day, video email signatures are a great way to stand out and make your mark! A big part of sales teams' efforts involves outbound forging genuine connections through email. By including a thumbnail of your video with a play button, sales teams can show prospects what they're all about. Think of these fun video email signatures as a visual foot-in-the-door,  working wonders to build a stronger and more meaningful client connections.


3. Video blogs for thought leadership

Your sales teams have their areas of expertise, so let them do the talking and share their knowledge on camera! Let's say your company has a YouTube channel or website blog - uploading video as a series, chalk talks or webinars could work wonders to position your sales power as thought leaders, while also adding value to your clients and potential clients! Maybe your prospects won't have an immediate need in that moment, but when they do, they're more likely to remember and trust you!


4. Boosting sales with explainer videos

Incorporating explainer videos as part of your sales efforts work wonders! An explainer video is the perfect pitch for your product because it simplifies complex concepts, makes them visual and easy to digest,  and  showcases the benefits and solutions of your product or service. Because they're so versatile, there’s been a big shift from awareness explainers to explainers for each stage of the customer journey. They help move people along the funnel so well because they engage your prospects, and drive action for people who might've been on the fence before.

💡Up to 70% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first saw an explainer video.


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