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4 Ways to Attract Talent to Your Mission and Values with Video!

In order to attract great talent to your company, you have to have video on your side! A company with strong a mission statement and values naturally attracts more like-minded talent, and talent that is happy with their company culture is more likely to thrive and succeed. We know the war on talent is tough, but have you thought about putting your mission and values into video? Here's are ideas to use those mission and values to attract the talent you need! 

1. Get your mission and values on paper

Think of your company as a thumbprint. Completely and utterly unique. Cheesy we know, but you've got to stand out these days! You'd be surprised how many companies haven't etched out their mission and value statements, so before taking to video, you need to know what your mission and values are. If your company has goals and objectives for the future (which they should!), don't be afraid to share them with video!

Company Mission 

A mission describes what business the organization is in both now, and looking into the future.

Company Values

Values are what help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide.

An example of IKEA's values laid out with video

A video article from Barry Callebaut, the world's leading chocolate company.


2. Don't be shy! Let people see the inner workings of your company

It's one thing to read about a company in a job ad, but what's the atmosphere? What's the dynamic? Day-in-the-life videos are a great window into how your company actually operates. The mood, vibes, motivation - all of that can be sensed through video. By showing people talking about their roles and what they enjoy about their jobs, recruits can get a quick sense if there's a compatibility with your values. Try and segment video by department or role so you can use specific videos per ad on your recruitment platform.


 Our content marketer shows how dynamic days can be at StoryMe.

3. Have your CEO/Founder talk about what the V&M mean to him or her

Your Founder or CEO is a great inspirational resource when creating your mission and value video. Sit when them and extract what is most important to them and what makes your company special. Most likely, he or she knows the values better than anyone and can speak to them authentically on camera. Is your CEO camera shy? That's okay! What matters is to keep it authentic, honest, and don't forget to highlight how your employees are the ones living out the company values every single day. 

 Our Founder & CEO Lorenzo Bown on the importance of innovation.



 CEO of Johnson & Johnson gives his perspective on vitality.

4. Use your best resource: your employees!

Your employees are a great resource for content! In this social day and age, people are used to using quick snippets of video throughout their day. Have them do the same at their job to highlight what it is they do every single day. This kind of 'UGC' will reinforce what your company values and mission really mean in action Encourage them to be themselves and get creative! What's in it for your employees? A video that highlights the company's Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a clear and effective way to outline what's in it for the applicant once they join. 

StoryMe values employees who are passionate inside and outside of work. This video shows them off!


Want to see how your HR department can use video to show off your company present and future mission and values?

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