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4 Ways to Communicate With Your Clients Using Video!

Your clients are human just like you and me! If you're not already using video in your sales processes, you're missing out. Aside from humanizing your sales efforts and making them more memorable, using video as a tool to communicate with your clients is a great way to forge the trust and credibility you need to turn your prospects into happy (recurring) clients. The good news is that you can use video from the top of the funnel all the way down. Here are some ways to get started!

1. Use prospecting video to grab attention & build value in email! 💌

The prospecting phase presents a challenge because the person on the other side of the screen probably has no clue who you are. Video can break that wall down by grabbing attention, and once you have your viewer engaged, add value to the conversation!

 Ellie saw a great opportunity to offer advice on her prospect's video strategy. Watch how she appeals to Chad's desire to improve ROI, as well as how well the CTA is integrated in the video. 


Arthur reached out to one of Europe's largest theater chains about using video in their internal and external communication. The response? Arthur received a video back from the Director of R&D himself.

Soapbox is a free video tool that records you screen. In fact, our sales team at StoryMe uses the Chrome extension for a range of client communication and has seen the return rate on emails skyrocket!

Here are some ideas to add value to your video emails:

  • Provide a tip (like Elie and Arthur did above) or ask a thought-provoking question.
  • If you include an article or other content in your email, share a recap or some takeaways to summarize things.
  • Describe your company’s mission and why it matters for your prospect.

2. Stay on your client's mind with a memorable video email signature 

Your email signature is usually the last place you'd think to integrate video in the sales process. Actually, it's prime digital real-estate to let your personality, secret talents - and of course - job function shine. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stand out and build a real connection. Don't just film and hope for magic. Create a thought-out script before you film, remembering that authenticity matters most! Your email signature is a chance for a strong first impression, a digital business card of sorts - and one that's super shareable!


3. Using video on social platforms to share knowledge  

There are so many great opportunities to use video on social in the sales sense. Let's say you want to add value to your network as a thought leader. Video is a great way to do exactly that. Is there a new piece of content you'd like to share? Social video is perfect because it's short, snappy and gets the word out. Our Video Marketer Tim used the Clips app to film himself on his phone and then uploaded the video to LinkedIn to promote StoryMe's latest Distribution Guidebook.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.03.52 AM


4. Video for delight at the end of the funnel! 🌪

We mentioned earlier that video in sales is a full-funnel affair. That's especially true for the end of the funnel, delight. Want to check in with your client and see how the collaboration went? Video Client satifaction forms or a simple thank you video are great ways to remind your client that you value their business and input.

Want to talk to learn more about using video to improve your client connection? Reach out!

Let's talk video! 

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