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5 Benefits of Using Video Email Signatures! 

There's nothing worse than a snooze worthy inbox! According to the 2014-2018 Email Statistics Report, the average professional receives a whopping 141 emails a day. Our social channels have been flooded with video, so why does it feel like most people are lagging behind in their email communication? Whether you're super corporate or a small start-up, it's time to modernize your email communication!

The 5 Benefits of Video Email Signatures 📨

At StoryMe, most of our client facing employees use video signatures! There are endless benefits to using video in email, but here are 5 that should convince you to ditch your classic text email signature.

1. It's memorable. Someone is much more likely to remember you after watching a video about you. It's plain science. For that reason, it's important to create authentic email signatures: be yourself! 

2. It's referrable. Not only do good video email signatures make an impression, they're waiting to be referred down the line to other relevant contacts!

3. It's personal. Business emails tend to feel impersonal. Adding a personalized video signature to your message is the closest thing to an in-person conversation you can get. 

4. It's credible. People trust people! So when you succeed in humanizing your email communication, you'll have an advantage against your competitors.

5. It's unique. The amount of people using video email signatures is small, so this is a perfect chance to differentiate yourself and your business.

Let's take a look at the following video email signatures to see how and why our employees use them.

Meet Eleanor, one of our Video Business Developers in London. As she creates relationships with clients and outbounds, it's important that she uses a video email signature to establish authencity and credibillity.

Meet Gaelle, our PR and Event Coordinator in London! After watching this cool video, new contacts can get a feel for what Gaelle is like as they communicate and collaborate with her upcoming projects.

Meet Arthur, one of our Video Strategists based at our Belgian HQ. He uses humor to conncect with the viewer...Simplicity and authenticty at its best! 

As the first point of contact on the website, it's important that people get to know the friendly face behind the contact form or chat waiting to help them out. Meet Monica! 

We recently worked with Graydon, a company active in Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK and made their video email signatures. Take a look at their case below:
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