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5 Egg-centric Easter Video Marketing Campaigns

Holidays are a perfect time for companies to use the power of Video Marketing to show off in a fun and festive way! Take Easter for instance, a holiday filled with chocolaty child-hood nostalgia and endless egg hunts. Speaking of chocolate, the Easter egg market is a 220£ one in the UK alone! The following five companies used Easter to create engaging and effecting marketing campaigns - surprise, surprise - most of them having to do with chocolate! With a little creativity, all brands can make holidays, like Easter, work to their video advantage by telling a story, explaining a product, or letting their personality shine through.

1. Hotel Chocolat & Beau the Bunny 🐰

Hotel Chocolat takes a dapper approach to Easter every year. Since 2014, Beau the Bunny has been making a tour around the UK giving away thousands of chocolates to lucky bystanders. The videos are fun to watch and usually involves a prize of some sort. Highlight videos are then made each day and uploaded to YouTube to show off Beau's tour around the city. 


2. Tesco Food Love Stories

This particular video series highlights the personal aspect of Tesco and its employees. These videos are heartwarming and tap into the artisanal pride behind Tesco products and the people who make them. "I'm constantly checking to make sure the product is the best it can be. I'm a chocolate geek, and proud of it."


3. The Co-operative Food

This video is part of a larger series of videos called "eggsperiments". Random members of the public offer a helping hand to a stranger who is, unknown to them, a hired actor. The campaign motivates people to be "good eggs" which is a creative and cute way to connect to Easter and their product.



Meet the 300 foot tall Giant Hen! Bringing this fictional character to life was a huge production! The video was well received with 650,000 views on Facebook and 3.9 impressions of #GiantHen.

5. #LidlSurprises

Talk about Anti-Easter! We got a kick out of this video because it took a risk. Lidl went for a less conventional video marketing campaign for Easter as part of their Surprises series. Just watch and see. A for eggfort, we mean effort.


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