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5 Reasons Long-Form Video Content Can Work for Your Business!

On this blog, we've explored countless ways short and snappy content can spice up your digital brand on social platforms! But now let's talk about the benefits of long-form content and how it could benefit your business in a whole new way. Depending on your audience, goal, and creative capacity, long-form content can really make the difference in your next video marketing campaign!

1. Creative storytelling for a better connection

Long form content can work wonders with your audience when your brand puts effort into telling a fulfilling and intriguing story. The engagement and connection you'll create as a brand are invaluable in the end! When you want to allow topics like your mission and values to have the freedom and space to breathe, long-form can be a fitting option. This video below is a great example of Patagonia bringing a warm and authentic story to life about their repair centers which bring new life to their customer's garments.


2. Qualify your leads better once and for all!

These days, to have someone watch over one to two minutes of a video - or the entirety of it - is a great sign! It hints at a few things: most likely, this person is a warm to hot lead. Engagement strongly ties into interest! By tapping into the video data and information provided by platforms like Wistia and Vidyard, your sales and marketing teams can know if the contact is engaged enough to be taken to the next stage. Maybe someone should call or email them to seize the opportune moment of interest in your product or service!

3. Add that cinematic touch for awareness and better buzz

Some brands can afford to go big and generate buzz in a way smaller brands may not have the budget for! BMW's mini-film called 'The Escape' is an advertising marvel and a great example of a big budget, big Hollywood names, and great cinematography. BMW has actually been making feature film type content since 2001, and these content pieces generate massive buzz and awareness, with a major viral factor to boot. 


4. Think outside the box with educational content 

Educational business video content doesn't always come in the form of webinars and chalk talks! This Airbnb example perfectly illustrates how long-from video can educate on topics that are central to their brand values, mission, or services. In this case, AirBnb wanted to bring awareness to a real problem some same-sex couples face when traveling the world and how they hope to end that.


5. Main-micro content starts with long-form content

Creating long-form content is a smart starting point, either way, you look at it! By creating longer content, you can decide to segment the content and repurpose it into shorter videos for different purposes or platforms. We call the breaking up of one large video into smaller pieces a main-micro campaign. Maybe shorter versions could be used as ads or on social. Either way, if you take a different approach and show different parts of the same video you can target your audience better, engage more, and prevent that dreaded creative fatigue!


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