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5 Reasons Personalized Video Drives More Sales!

Your sales teams are hard hustlers and they deserve the best tools to rake in the revenue! Personalized video is a booming improvement on online video today that adds a whole new dimension to the sales process as we know it. It's time to create relevant customer experiences for your prospects and going personal with video is the way. Here are five reasons personalized video naturally drives more sales!


1. Personalized content is the future, period.

The media landscape hasn't come close to realizing the potential of personalized video, yet! Many companies haven't seized the golden opportunity because of their hesitations around pricing or access software tools. This leaves us scratching our heads because brands have more access to data than ever, personalization options are becoming more affordable and the chance to stand out from your competitors is now. The ROI of personalized video is proven to smash those fears to pieces, especially for sales teams today. The stats prove that tailored video content pays off short-term and in the long-run.

Viewers are 64-84% more likely to buy after watching a video(ComScore)


2. Customers are craving more relevancy

Info overload, ad bombardment, white noise... We've all been there! Buyers have reached a tipping point where they not only expect a more tailored content experience, but demand better ads when they surf online. For instance, if you just purchased a giant Samsung TV, you don't want to be targeted for the same gadget all over again. When a viewer sees a personalized brand message that fits their needs, their overall perceived value of a product or service is higher. So what are brand's waiting for? Give the people what they want with more relevant video ads! Watch how this Heineken example includes location and weather to entice its viewers.


3. Connection is key to brand affinity

Connection is key in personalized video! Personalized messages speak to the human need we have to feel listened to and seen, not as just another number of the masses. When a prospect feels they're being addressed thoughtfully, it helps build a one-to-one connection with your brand. This makes them more loyal in the long run, and isn't that what most companies and sales teams strive for? A personalized thank you video by YMCA is a perfect example of creating this customer connection.


4. Personalized video speeds up and improves the sales cycle

Products with accompanying video explaining their purpose or instructions have a higher purchase rate, period. Add personal touches to that content and you're bound to see even more revenue increasing results! From outbounding with personal email to retargeting your audience with relevant ads, you can ensure drop-off doesn't spin out of control. For instance, have you ever heard of shopping cart abandonment syndrome? Personalized video below is a great way to remind prospects about their pending purchase in the e-commerce space. All in all, these videos move prospects along the buyer's journey more efficiently and quickly.

Here are some more ideas on using PV in the sales cycle:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Team Intros
  • Product or Service Demos
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Follow-ups 


5. Retention is higher with personalized video 

On the other end of acquiring customers is retaining them! Did you know that recurring customers almost always spend more and more often than new customers? It's for that reason that you can't ignore the power of personalized video for retention. That could mean sending a pesonal email to check on them and their business needs, or sending a video in email like energy provide Luminus did complete with the consumption data, years as a customer, and more!

Good news! Personalized video increases your customer retention rate by 35%.




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